My Drunk Kitchen

Let’s back up to last Friday, or at least I think it was then, but it might of been Thursday: I had gone into Piragis Northwoods Company‘s second floor bookstore.  I had noticed a book called My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut by Hannah Hart. (Since then, I’ve of course gone back and bought it.)

Tonight while watching – by which I mean I was on my MacBook surfing the web while eating – Back to the Future part 2,” I decided that I should watch one of the episodes of Hart’s web series:

I do have to admit that I found the episode to be funny as hell.  I can see why Hart’s show has become a well known thing by those who watch cooking shows – if more cooking shows where as entertaining as Hart’s, I’d probably would watch more – and found her’s.

Although I have yet to watch any more episodes, I’d recommend checking out her channel.

WordPress’ Free Ebooks

While looking through today’s WordPress Reader and I saw a post that had some free e-books.


One of the e-books I’m looking forward to is Writing 101: Build a Blogging Habit (the link connects to the book directly).  This e-book goes over topics like committing to a writing practice and being brief.

Another e-book I am looking forward to is Photography 101.  The reason why I am looking forward to this e-book, even though  most of the basics are things I’ve learned from classes, are what the editors of the e-book believe is important for me to learn.  Also, since I’m doing the photo 101 course – click on the link to see the photos I’ve taken and edited as part of the course – I figured that it’ll be useful to brush up on some of the editing tips.

I am hoping that once photo 101 is done that WordPress will publish an e-book that will cover some of the assignments.

The Big Bang Theory 8.07

In the opening scene, we heard how Bernadette was selected as one of science’s 5o sexiest women, which causes Bernadette, Amy and Penny to have a small debate in there are few women in STEM fields.  Later on over drinks, Bernadette tells Amy that the Sexiest Science Women Article had been pulled, which causes Amy to reveal that she’s the reason why the article was pulled.

Amy says that she feels that the article reflects negatively on female scientists; which caused Bernadette state how Amy is jealous because nobody – meaning Sheldon – wants Amy to flaunt her sexuality. #Shamy #RelationshipProblems anyone?

Meanwhile, Penny gets herself into a sticky situation by having flirted too well with a doctor.  This causes the doctor to crush hard on Penny hard and lock the guys in his basement.


Voter Lookup

I voted sticker | All rights reserved by
I voted sticker | All rights reserved by

With the midterm elections happening next Tuesday – YES, next Tuesday – it’s probably a good time to look at candidates that you want to vote for.  If you’re as passionate about higher education finding as I am, make sure you consider candidates that are pro-higher education funding.

The tool below will give you a copy of the ballet and if the candidate has a website, a link to the website will be provided.  You’ll also get the chance to see how the ballot will appear, for the most part, when you enter your street address, city and state.

For those of you who are college students and have more questions  about voting, ask your student senate.