Places to find Writing Prompts

When I took my writing workshops at BSU, our professor would give us prompts and constraints to work in – for one paper, she said that we could only use one exclamation point – to help us with our writing.

This is why I personally like prompts.  The allow a certain freedom.  Prompts give us enough director to be able to start writing, but they don’t limit us if our minds go off in a different direction.

Now, since we can’t have people giving us writing prompts, here is a list of places in which you can find some prompts:

Now, some of the things I do for writing prompts are:

  • Take a conversation I’ve overhead -alright, eavesdropped on – to help get me started or help get me over writer’s block/
  • Since I like to people watch from time to time, I make up a story about the people I see.  I usually try to take notes or keep enough of a mental image so that I can write about it later.
  • I have a document just fir great one-liners or brief conversations so that if and when I come to a need for conversation, I have some dialogue.  Or I will use the conversations I come up with to create a longer story .

Now clearly, there are more places that you can get prompts.  When I did a simple search for “Writing Prompts” in books, I got over 5,000 hits.