Duke Porn Star Belle Knox

On Thursday, I was watching a rerun episode of The View.  The episode, which originally aired on March 17, had Duke student porn star Belle Knox on the show.

Belle Knox went on the show, impart, to talk about how her job as a porn star is an empowering job as a woman.  I’m sure that there are people who are shocked by the idea that being a porn star can be an empowering job for a woman.  Yet, I find that it makes sense that Knox would think so; mainly because Knox and other female porn stars get to work in an industry where their sexuality isn’t suppressed.

Knox had revealed that she had started watching porn at the age of 12, which the hosts of the show found shocking.  Although I did find it shocking to a degree, at the same time I didn’t since Knox like many teens – I am presuming on this folks – have access to porn thanks to the world wide web.

In an article, if you can call it one, on USA Today‘s website has aggregated several different points of view on Knox’s interview on The View.  Personally, the one I agree with the most is Emily Shire’s article that appeared on The Daily Beast.  Know, as well as other sex workers, are treated then fairly about trying to earn a halfway decent wage.

Personally, I think that since the pornography industry in the United States is legal, there isn’t an issue of Knox and other sex workers to work in this industry as long as it’s their choice.

And it seems, based off of the article “The School of Belle Knox,” Knox is anything but embarrassed about her job.  And I honestly can say that if I was in her shoes, I don’t think I’d have the same level of bravery to even consider doing a job like this.