Inspiration for pieces

Last week, I touched on places to find writing prompts.  I figured I would expand on that a bit more in regards of inspiration for pieces.

With writing in any genre, regardless if it’s romance or sci-fi or nonfiction, taking from day-to-day actions and routines can be a way to add to a story.  For example: in the Harry Potter series, the disliking of Professor Snape is similar to the disliking that practically every student has for a teacher at some point.

One place that I think is easy to find inspiration and material for pieces is work.  If you think about it, almost any job can lead to some interesting material.  For those of you who are Gilmore Girls fans, think about all of the story lines that have happened in regards of work:

Personally, one of the things that I am thankful for is that I have a fair amount of jobs that I am able to pull from: working in a couple of different departments at Bemidji State, in a used book store, and a couple of different coffee shops or restaurant type venues.

With the different jobs I’ve worked in, I feel like I’d be able to pull different attributes from the jobs and be able to plug them into different characters for more complex plots or for simple character background.