Brainstorming for Topics

Over the weekend, I found myself brainstorming topics for blog posts.  Since I know that as summer approaches, if it ever reaches Ely, I will become busier and I don’t want to lose my focus and drive to blog.

Now, the lists I came up with (which you can see below and feel free to steal any of the ideas) are just jumping off points.  Ask any writer and I believe that they’ll tell you that there times when finding something to write about is hard.

So of course, brainstorming is a nice way to get the creative juices going.  I don’t think there’s really a right way to do a brainstorming session.  There are suggestions to do it in 5 or 10 freestyle formats, the spiderweb method, and dozens of others.

What works for me is just having a pad and pen – or just something that I can write on, near me – when ever I’m watching TV or eating lunch or what ever I am doing.  I find that ideas will come to me when ever I am not thinking about it.

It’s possible, I believe, for you to do a freestyle brainstorming with a specific topic in mind.  With both of the lists that I included as photos were made while watching Doctor Who.  Both of them were made for specific blog post – either ones on social issues or personal branding – and the social issues one has a combination of more narrow topics and wide topics.  Yet, the personal branding one has specific topic ideas.

There are topics from both lists that will probably won’t work out for me and then there are ones that will work for me.  So I hope that y’all  will give it a try.

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