Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy

This Thursday is the Thursday I’ve been wait for since November 20th.  The reason you ask; because of Grey’s Anatomy of course.

For those of you who don’t remember what happened in the winter finale, here’s your basic breakdown:

  • Meredith and half-sis Maggie bonded over a case
  • Derek was offered the post, again, in D.C. that he had turned down last season
  • Meredith and Derek had another fight, stemming on the level from the case Maggie and Weber where both working on; but on a deeper level, because Derek ave up the post in D.C.
  • Callie and Arizona agreed, kinda, to be on speaking terms | their divorce is finalized by this episode
  • Stephanie gives April an ultrasound and notices something wrong with April and Jackson’s baby
  • Arizona gets Herman’s medial records – without Herman knowing – and Amelia catches wind | Amelia believes she can operate on the tumor
  • Amelia and Hunt have a moment, or two, where they reach out to each other about their problems, kinda
  • Maggie starts to bond, in a way, with Weber after he disagreed with her and Meredith
  • Derek decides to take the post in DC

While I was writing those nine bullet points, I realized at just how many story lines are going at the moment with Grey’s.  Yet, that’s why we love the show.

But here’s the deal: there are several loose ends that need to be sutured:

  • Jackson and April’s baby
  • Maggie and Weber’s relationship
  • Derek and Meredith’s separation, if that’s what you want to call it
  • Amelia and Hunt’s…whatever is going there
  • Arizona and Callie’s divorce

Those are the five ‘big’ things that the writers are going to be dealing with, in no particular order.  Here’s kinda what I see forthcoming with them.

Jackson and April Baby Storyline

Clearly with a fetus, baby or what ever you want to call it that has a medical condition that’s basically untreatable and will end in the infant’s death if born; and this being medical drama show, Jackson and April will have to face how to handle this situation.  Really, there are only two courses of action:

  1. Have an abortion, which will create drama due to April’s religious beliefs
  2. Or April carries the fetus to term and dealing with the pain and loss of a child when the child passes.

Granted, there’s always the chance that the writer’s will pull out some medial miracle; but right now I’m operating underneath those two theories.  I feel that the latter of the two is the likely one that will happen, since April made it clear in a way that she does want to teach her children the importance of being pro-life and Jackson seems to be pro-choice.

Although the second of the latter is my current bet, I think that the drama that will encore because of the option of abortion could lead to a multi-episode story arc where the two aren’t living together or something; after all, this does seem to be the season of relationships being extra rocky.

Maggie and Weber’s Father-Daughter Storyline

At the end of ‘Risk,’ it seems like Maggie realized that Weber has a few things that she can learn.  Although I can’t foresee much drama, yet, from this, I’m sure that there will be something that stems from this.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this storyline adds some kind of resentment or bitterness in Meredith’s and cause some drama, since Weber is basically the father that she never had.

Derek and Meredith’s Separation Storyline

With how many times these two have fought, broken, and gotten back together, this is most definitely the biggest.  Since this has been the bedrock romantic relationship of the series, it’s good to see Meredith putting forth her wants and desires before Derek’s.

Here’s the different scenarios I foresee happening:

  1. Derek and Meredith end up getting a divorce
  2. Meredith ends up moving out to DC in some season, or more likely series finale, twist
  3. Derek swallowing his pride and admits he was wrong

There are so many factors that are unknown with this storyline, that it’s hard to figure out which one of these is most likely or if there are more potential story lines.  For example, we don’t know yet if the series will be renewed for a 12th season – we do know that Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Sara Ramirez, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. have all signed a contract for the current season and season 12 – or not.  Another factor is if the series continues on, does Dempsey want to continue on with his current role.

But since season 11 seems to be a year of rocky relationships being tested even harder, if could be very well that these two love birds could end up getting a divorce.  If this does happen, it does present the question of where would they live if Derek would return to Seattle?  Would Derek move into Meredith’s old house, that’s now owned Alex, or would Meredith and the kids move into that house?

The storyline I’d personally like to see is Derek swallowing his pride and admit that was wrong.  Wrong to the fact that his career is more important than anyone else’s and wrong to having an ego.  A part of the reason why this story line interests me is that I’ve kinda started hating Derek a lot.  For the first ten seasons, we’ve gotten to see how much of a big wig he is and how he believes that he’s the center of the universe.

Also, I frankly think he needs to be knocked down a few pegs, which really hasn’t happened in the series since the season Izzy had found out she had cancer.  Also, I think that Meredith has been over his large ego for some time now.

Amelia and Hunt’s Storyline

There’s been some speculation of there being a possible romance between these two; and I think after the last episode, it became even more clear.  And as of last night, a pool on Hollywood Reporter’s website, 904 other people believe the same thing.  Although this isn’t a large amount when you consider how many people are watching the series, it does go to show that people are interested in seeing some kinda of romance happen between them.  And I think that it could be a good source of drama somehow: either it be Hunt still dealing with his love for Yang or Amelia’s past romantic history.

Arizona and Callie’s Divorce Storyline

I wouldn’t say that Callie called it quits on her’s and Arizona’s marriage, but rather a longer timeout.  I think that with all of the drama that went on in previous seasons: Callie’s car accident, Arizona’s amputation, Mark’s death, their first separation with Arizona cheating, there’s plenty of emotional baggage to work through.  Not to mention that this is Callie’s second divorce and situation where her ex has cheated on her.

If there was a couple that I was hoping would get back together, it would be these two.  If for anything else, because Callie deserves for a relationship to workout in her favor.  Granted, I don’t think them getting married again, in this season at least, should happen.  If anything, they should start dating again after they get to know themselves as individual’s first.

Other Storylines

For those of you who think I forgot some of the other story lines, I haven’t.  I think with Herman’s medical dilemma, we’ll have some drama here; but I think we’ll find out that Derek isn’t the only Shepherd that can be a Neurosurgeon God.

I’m sure that there’s something in the works for Alex and Jo; this season has been to light on the drama on them I think.  I could see Alex having a wedding, or kid, in the future; and Jo getting over her fear of not having a place to belong to.  And I gotta wonder: even though Alex doesn’t have a seat on the board, doesn’t he still have Yang’s shares?  So I hope there’s some drama in that.

And there’s been a lack of drama for Bailey as well.  The last major thing that seems to happen to her was getting a seat on the board; which is also another reason why I think there’s something in the works for Alex.

Starting a Biz in Minnesota Tools

One of the classes I’m taking at Vermilion this term is Intro to Entrepreneurship.  The main project that we have to work on this semester is a business plan.  One of things that will be helpful, hopefully, is the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development‘s Business Guidebooks.

Although I haven’t started reading the guidebooks fully yet, but they seem like they will answer any questions I may have.


Subcribing to the NY Times

When I was at Bemidji State University taking Mass Communication courses, I had to
subscribe to New York Times print paper and I miss the days of that.

A screen grab of the 9/11/2014 issue of the NY Times

What I do miss, the most, about those days was reading the newspaper in print and getting my hands dirty, to a degree, from the ink.  Thankfully, I finally decided to subscribe to The New York Times digital subscription.  More specifically, the digital opinion option.

Right now, I’m just pay 99₡ for the next 12 weeks.  I figure that spending the .0825 per week isn’t the worst way spend some money.  The downside is that I only have unlimited access to the opinion articles and can only read 10 articles from other sections of the newspaper.

Regardless, it’s still nice being about to read articles like “Generation LGBTQIA” and “California Bill Sets Sights On Curbing Campus Sexual Assault” in different sections.  I’m hoping that I’ll actually utilize.  If I actually use it, hopefully I’ll share them.

The Lion King Movie Review


Lion cub, and later king of Pride Rock, Simba learns the life lessons of what it takes to be king.  But after his father is killed by his uncle – yes folks, this it’s very Shakespearean – Simba runs away from home to and tries to make it as a lion away from the heard, until he’s drawn back to reclaim his rightful place.


Basically, The Lion King is Hamlet for kids.  When I was a child, this movie was definitely one of my favorites to watch; and not for the Shakespearean references.  Between Timon and Pumba’s drag incident, waiting to be king and feeling the love, who wouldn’t enjoy the movie?

But you would be a fool not to think it’s one of the best adaptions of a Shakespeare play.  After all, it does go through a fair amount of the motions of Hamlet: a brother killing the king to become king, the prince retaking the crown, seeing the ghost of your dead father, and so on.


A smell of wine and cheap perfume

We all know of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” and I do have to admit, the lyric “a smell of wine and cheap perfume is a pretty descriptive line.

Using a descriptive line like this to evoke the sense smell is something that’s important for writers.  Also, for people who have tasted wine, this lyric might also think of their favorite wine.

So with the sense of smell, the options of smells that you can write about are limitless.  I have a friend who would tell me when we hugged that I smelt like fresh laundry.  Tide WIth FebrezeI know, that’s a weird complement.  But the reason why she would say that to me is that I washed my laundry with Febreze scented Tide since I’ve used Tide for as long as I can recall and I like the scent of Febreze.

But being told that I smell like fresh laundry describes a couple of different things: that I have an interesting signature scent and I kept my clothes clean.

Now that I’ve moved back home, I have to deal with my mother’s constantly smoking when ever I am around.  I constantly tell her not to smoke around cause I don’t want my clothes to smell like cigarette smoke, as well as we all know how unhealthy it is to smoke, since I’m a none smoker.

And our favorite lyric about wine and cheap perfume is also a great way to describe someone’s scent.  But beyond that, scents also can easily describe any place.

I once worked at an Inn that had a group of rooms, before they remodeled, that a had a mixture of fish, beer and cigarettes.  And last semester when I was at Bemidji State, I work in the kitchen of a different establishment in which any given night I work, I smell anything from cheeseburgers to pastas to nachos to other foods that make me want to spend a whole pay check on food.

As writers, we have a certain responsibility to ensure that we engulf our readers’ senses, if we’re writing pieces that demand the senses.