Subcribing to the NY Times

When I was at Bemidji State University taking Mass Communication courses, I had to
subscribe to New York Times print paper and I miss the days of that.

A screen grab of the 9/11/2014 issue of the NY Times

What I do miss, the most, about those days was reading the newspaper in print and getting my hands dirty, to a degree, from the ink.  Thankfully, I finally decided to subscribe to The New York Times digital subscription.  More specifically, the digital opinion option.

Right now, I’m just pay 99₡ for the next 12 weeks.  I figure that spending the .0825 per week isn’t the worst way spend some money.  The downside is that I only have unlimited access to the opinion articles and can only read 10 articles from other sections of the newspaper.

Regardless, it’s still nice being about to read articles like “Generation LGBTQIA” and “California Bill Sets Sights On Curbing Campus Sexual Assault” in different sections.  I’m hoping that I’ll actually utilize.  If I actually use it, hopefully I’ll share them.

Halfway Through The Year

Isn’t it hard to believe that 2014 is half way done?  By now, our New Year’s Resolutions are probably either done or forgotten – I know some of mine are forgotten – and we’re pretty much seeing how predictions are turning out.

I know one set of Predictions I can’t wait to see if they come through or not at the Social Media Predictions for 2014.  Some of the predictions seem like no brainers.  Take a look at number one on the list for example:

#1 Social Media is not an Option.    Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing plan.  It will be expected and will hinder sales if they don’t.

I will admit, I don’t agree with this one completely.  After all, not every business needs to worry about sales hindering without Social Media marketing.  I know that in the town of Tower, Minn., they only have one grocery store.  Residents of the town only have two choices: drive to different town or shop at the one in town.

But incorporating a Social Media marketing plan is anything but dumb.  And since many of today’s youth and people in their 20s and 30s usual social media constantly, it’s the perfect way to get them to interact more with potential customers.

But with the rest of the predictions, we’ll have to wait and see how they shape up.  After all, it’s not 2017 yet; so we can’t see if mobile sales has increased by 87%.  The Google+ one…well, that’s really covered underneath the first prediction since Google+ is a social media site. And so on and so forth.

74 School Shootings in 18 Months

Tuesday afternoon/early evening, I scrolling though Facebook and I saw a link to a list of how many school shootings there’s been between January of 2013 and as of yesterday.  I don’t remember what post it was.  But it seems that several websites and Facebook pages have produced maps to show where the last 74 shootings have occurred:

And some of the maps, like the one below that I took from The Huffington Post, 2014_SchoolShootingsSinceNewtown1Probably the most tragic thing about the whole situation is that as a society, we’re becoming numb to this kind of violence.

Last night, I was watching the 7th Heaven episode “Johnny Get Your Gun” where Simon is threatened by a fellow student with gun violence.  I had watched this episode while I was a kid, and teenager, but never looked passed it beyond the entertainment value.

The most noticeable gun shooting/violence episode of any TV show I have seen comes from One Tree Hill (OTH).  In episode 3.16 of OTH, the viewers of the show witness what long-term bullying can do to a person in terms of reaching a breaking point.

In the same episode, a deleted scene probably hits home the best of why we seem to move past one school shooting to another:

And I’m sure as teen drama TV shows, keep showing up, we’ll continue to have episodes that deal with this issue.

By no means, do I think that we should do a blanket removing of people’s right to bear arms.  But it’s clear that something needs to be done.  After all, the most well-known school shooting – Columbine - happened over 15 years ago now and it seems that the rate of school shootings have only increased.

While reading though the Wikipedia page for the Columbine shooting to find any useful sources, I found that the Secret Service did a study and released the in 2002.  From what I read in the report, the earliest documented case, if it could be called that, of a school shooting in 1974 and the study focused on 34 school shootings that happened between then and Columbine.

So it seems that there is a fair amount of research that has been done, discussions that have happened, and plenty of theories on how to prevent school shootings.

The problem lies in the fact that there yet seems to be any actual solutions to have surfaced.  I’m sure many schools have policies in place on how to handle a shooting, if it ever occurs.  I know that my high school started doing drills in the off-hand chance that there was ever a shooting.

But at the end of the day, what are we actually doing to protect our schools?

Missouri’s new abortion law

First, I just want to say I’m attempting to catching up on my Writing 101 assignments since I signed up for the challenge.  This blog post’s theme is going with the first assignment; which is basically a 20 minute free-write blog post.

What finally got me motivated to do this blog post was that I was reading the article “Missouri students weigh in on state’s new abortion law.”  A few students seem to think that Missouri’s now 72 hour wait period, an increase from 24, think will make it harder for college aged women.  While one student thinks that it’ll give students more time to consult with friends, family members and whom ever else the student sees fit.

I can understand both sides of why the bill was drafted, discussed, amended (if there where any amendments), voted on and passed.  On the one hand, 72 hours does give a woman more time to reflect on whether or not she wants to go through with the abortion.  And other hand, that’s 48 hour longer than before.

I will admit, I am personally pro-choice.  Also, I have never been directly involved with a conversation about going through an abortion.  So I feel like I can only look at the issue at a purely intellectual perspective.

I’ve always believed that a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body and what doesn’t happen to her body.  After all, some women may not want to become mothers for what ever reasons that they have.

But I have thought about the “what if” scenario if the woman carrying my child – this is, of course, accounting any scenario that I decided to have a biological kid and not adopt – wanted to have an abortion.  I’ve wondered if I would be emotionally to see the issue as black and white as I do when I’m looking at it from an intellectual perspective.

And I can honestly say that I don’t know.  But in the scenario, we did come to the conclusion to have the pregnancy aborted, we more than likely had decided prior to making the appointment to do so and I think waiting for three days would put me and her on edge the whole time.

I believe that making someone wait for three days isn’t the worst thing, but I feel that by the time that they are walking into a clinic to to schedule an abortion, they’re pretty ready to have an abortion and that the extra 48 hours that they have to wait is 48 hour more that they have to wait to recover from the procedure.

Next Season’s Grey’s Anatomy McDrama Possibilities

It’s been about two weeks since the season 10 Grey’s Anatomy season 10 finale aired, where we said good-bye to Cristina.  And we’re left with 10 years of amazing memories:

Not to mention that we have some pretty great Cristina Yang quotes for college grads:

But with the end of season 10 and the farewell to one of our favorite characters, we did get a two good possible McDrama story lines:

  • Webber told Baily that he’s recommending her to replace Cristina on the board, but we found out that Cristina left her spot on the board and her shares in the hospital to Alex
  • The last scene we’re left with is that we find Meredith’s mother had another child; and it’s safe to assume that it’s Webber’s child

With the first one, it’ll be interesting to see the potential, and real possibility, of the fall out of Alex getting Cristina’s board position.  After all, it was Baily how trained Alex and there’s now the threat of what will be a multi-episode fight, fallout and makeup between them.

Then with the latter of the two, we’ll have to watch as Meredith has to adjust once again to having a half-sister; not to mention Webber will have to adjust to the fact that me fathered a child and wasn’t aware of it.  This storyline will be interesting for the fact that there will be questions like “when did Meredith’s mom have another child?” “how did she hide the fact that she had another child?” and “did Webber know that she was pregnant?”