Next Season’s Grey’s Anatomy McDrama Possibilities

It’s been about two weeks since the season 10 Grey’s Anatomy season 10 finale aired, where we said good-bye to Cristina.  And we’re left with 10 years of amazing memories:

Not to mention that we have some pretty great Cristina Yang quotes for college grads:

But with the end of season 10 and the farewell to one of our favorite characters, we did get a two good possible McDrama story lines:

  • Webber told Baily that he’s recommending her to replace Cristina on the board, but we found out that Cristina left her spot on the board and her shares in the hospital to Alex
  • The last scene we’re left with is that we find Meredith’s mother had another child; and it’s safe to assume that it’s Webber’s child

With the first one, it’ll be interesting to see the potential, and real possibility, of the fall out of Alex getting Cristina’s board position.  After all, it was Baily how trained Alex and there’s now the threat of what will be a multi-episode fight, fallout and makeup between them.

Then with the latter of the two, we’ll have to watch as Meredith has to adjust once again to having a half-sister; not to mention Webber will have to adjust to the fact that me fathered a child and wasn’t aware of it.  This storyline will be interesting for the fact that there will be questions like “when did Meredith’s mom have another child?” “how did she hide the fact that she had another child?” and “did Webber know that she was pregnant?”


The Lion King Movie Review


Lion cub, and later king of Pride Rock, Simba learns the life lessons of what it takes to be king.  But after his father is killed by his uncle – yes folks, this it’s very Shakespearean – Simba runs away from home to and tries to make it as a lion away from the heard, until he’s drawn back to reclaim his rightful place.


Basically, The Lion King is Hamlet for kids.  When I was a child, this movie was definitely one of my favorites to watch; and not for the Shakespearean references.  Between Timon and Pumba’s drag incident, waiting to be king and feeling the love, who wouldn’t enjoy the movie?

But you would be a fool not to think it’s one of the best adaptions of a Shakespeare play.  After all, it does go through a fair amount of the motions of Hamlet: a brother killing the king to become king, the prince retaking the crown, seeing the ghost of your dead father, and so on.


Gotham, The TV Series

The Gotham logo, from

I, probably like a good handful of people, got wind of Fox’s prequel series “Gotham.”  The series will be set essentially in Bruce Wayne’s youth after his parent’s death as a young James Gordan (Ben McKenzie) working on the case of the Wayne’s death.

It will be interesting to see what David Mazouz will play Bruce Wayne and Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth will be able to bring to their characters as well as McKenzie to his.

But personally, I can’t help but think of the TV series “Smallville” since “Gothem” sounds similar in concept.  You know, the whole “let’s have a TV series that shows the back-story of the characters of a major comic book series/movie series/TV series franchise before the hero(s) become hero(s).”

Now don’t get me wrong, I will probably give the series a chance.  After all, I’m generally always on the lookout for a new show to watch on a regular basis.  But the likely hood that I’ll become a hardcore fan: very slim.

Missing the Movie Theater

I was surfing around several blogs just to see what there is to look at.  I found the blog Found Footage and the post Movie Palace Lobby, which is funny since I was thinking about the theater here in the Ely area.

The last time I was for sure in a movie theater was when I checked in the Portage Theaters during Thanksgiving Break.  And prior to that, was in the Goetz Theatre and both times where to see the movie Catching Fire.

But I miss being able to go into movie theaters.  There’s just something appealing about the smell of movie theater style popcorn.  And even though in some ways, it’s a pain having pay $7 or so bucks to see a movie, there’s something magical about it.

Season 3 of Blue

About a year or a year and a half ago, I had stumbled unto the web series ‘Blue’ staring Julia Stiles.  ‘Blue’ is a show produced by WIGS and originally aired on YouTube for the first two seasons.

WIGS' Logo
WIGS’ Logo

The background story on WIGS is that it was launched in May of 2012 as part of the YouTube Original Channel Initiative.  WIGS aims at producing award-winning dramas for the digital age.

‘Blue’ definitely falls underneath this category.  This series centers around single mother (Stiles) who works as an account by day and as an escort by night to support her and her son Josh (Uriah Shelton).

I’ve watched the first two seasons and I was excited when the third season was announced.  Until last night, I had forgotten that the third season had aired.  I had Googled the series name to see when all of the episode will have aired and I found out that the had not only aired, but they aired on Hulu.

Although I could have done the super fan thing and watched all of the episodes last night, but alas, I was tired.  But I’m excited that ‘Blue’ made the move to Hulu as part of a deal with Fox.

But in the mean time, I have this preview to watch.  And please note, it contains some mature content.