My Drunk Kitchen

Let’s back up to last Friday, or at least I think it was then, but it might of been Thursday: I had gone into Piragis Northwoods Company‘s second floor bookstore.  I had noticed a book called My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut by Hannah Hart. (Since then, I’ve of course gone back and bought it.)

Tonight while watching – by which I mean I was on my MacBook surfing the web while eating – Back to the Future part 2,” I decided that I should watch one of the episodes of Hart’s web series:

I do have to admit that I found the episode to be funny as hell.  I can see why Hart’s show has become a well known thing by those who watch cooking shows – if more cooking shows where as entertaining as Hart’s, I’d probably would watch more – and found her’s.

Although I have yet to watch any more episodes, I’d recommend checking out her channel.

The Big Bang Theory 8.07

In the opening scene, we heard how Bernadette was selected as one of science’s 5o sexiest women, which causes Bernadette, Amy and Penny to have a small debate in there are few women in STEM fields.  Later on over drinks, Bernadette tells Amy that the Sexiest Science Women Article had been pulled, which causes Amy to reveal that she’s the reason why the article was pulled.

Amy says that she feels that the article reflects negatively on female scientists; which caused Bernadette state how Amy is jealous because nobody – meaning Sheldon – wants Amy to flaunt her sexuality. #Shamy #RelationshipProblems anyone?

Meanwhile, Penny gets herself into a sticky situation by having flirted too well with a doctor.  This causes the doctor to crush hard on Penny hard and lock the guys in his basement.


Netflix has been Gilmored

One of the best mother-daughter TV shows has finally arrived on Netflix: Gilmore Girls.  Sure, Gilmore Girls has been on DVD for years and off the air for seven; but being on Netflix allows more people to enjoy the Friday night dinners, the pop culture references, and the fights between Luke and Taylor.

Okay, I’ll be honest: one of my favorite things about the TV series are all of the interest things that happen at Friday Night Dinners.  For example: the conversation they had on anvils:

And then there is the Halloween candy-thumping ball conversation:

Finally, there is their biggest fight that involves 20-some years worth of anger:

Everyone, be honest with yourselves: you’re like me and wish that your family dinners where this interesting.

And then there are all of the important life lessons, like the 18 problems only bookworms would understand:

So it’s pretty easy to say that Netflix has been Gilmored.

Next Season’s Grey’s Anatomy McDrama Possibilities

It’s been about two weeks since the season 10 Grey’s Anatomy season 10 finale aired, where we said good-bye to Cristina.  And we’re left with 10 years of amazing memories:

Not to mention that we have some pretty great Cristina Yang quotes for college grads:

But with the end of season 10 and the farewell to one of our favorite characters, we did get a two good possible McDrama story lines:

  • Webber told Baily that he’s recommending her to replace Cristina on the board, but we found out that Cristina left her spot on the board and her shares in the hospital to Alex
  • The last scene we’re left with is that we find Meredith’s mother had another child; and it’s safe to assume that it’s Webber’s child

With the first one, it’ll be interesting to see the potential, and real possibility, of the fall out of Alex getting Cristina’s board position.  After all, it was Baily how trained Alex and there’s now the threat of what will be a multi-episode fight, fallout and makeup between them.

Then with the latter of the two, we’ll have to watch as Meredith has to adjust once again to having a half-sister; not to mention Webber will have to adjust to the fact that me fathered a child and wasn’t aware of it.  This storyline will be interesting for the fact that there will be questions like “when did Meredith’s mom have another child?” “how did she hide the fact that she had another child?” and “did Webber know that she was pregnant?”


The Lion King Movie Review


Lion cub, and later king of Pride Rock, Simba learns the life lessons of what it takes to be king.  But after his father is killed by his uncle – yes folks, this it’s very Shakespearean – Simba runs away from home to and tries to make it as a lion away from the heard, until he’s drawn back to reclaim his rightful place.


Basically, The Lion King is Hamlet for kids.  When I was a child, this movie was definitely one of my favorites to watch; and not for the Shakespearean references.  Between Timon and Pumba’s drag incident, waiting to be king and feeling the love, who wouldn’t enjoy the movie?

But you would be a fool not to think it’s one of the best adaptions of a Shakespeare play.  After all, it does go through a fair amount of the motions of Hamlet: a brother killing the king to become king, the prince retaking the crown, seeing the ghost of your dead father, and so on.