One Tree Hill 7.03

Mouth is given the chance to find out about what is going on between Nate and the mystery woman.  Meanwhile, Haley and Nate are arguing about the situation.  Meanwhile, Dan is faced with the fact that he had killed Keith on his TV show.

Meanwhile, Brook and Millicent are stealing with Alex’s behavior problems.  Skills and Mouth are still fighting over the roommate problem.  Nate finds out that Clayton  has worked out the problem, but believes that Mouth may try to use his friendship with Nate to get ahead.  But Nate tells Mouth that if it ends up going public, to do what he has to do.

 Alex develops a crush on Julian during a photo shoot that Quinn is the photographer for.  While the photo shoot is going on, Dan admits that he did comite murder.  Yet, Skills uses Jamie to remove the reptile that mouth put in the bathroom.

Quinn and Brooke end up talking about their relationships.  Haley finds out that Clayton wants to pay the mystery woman calls him out on all of the parting.  But Haley and Clayton talk about how Clayton just wants to try to protect Nate’s dream.  Meanwhile, Jamie and Skills talk about the moving out situation and Jamie convinces Skills to talk to Mouth.

Alex meanwhile tries to flirt with Julian.  But when the photo shoot picks up again, Haley shows up and basically starts crying.  Quinn and Brooke try to comfort Haley, while Alex freaks out Haley even more.  Haley tells Quinn and Brook why she doesn’t to pay out.  Whereas both Brooke and Quinn tell to convince Haley not to pay out. 

During the episode, how Rachel and dan ended up together is revealed.  Rachel was working at a strip club and Dan wanted to hook up.  And Skills acts like the bigger person and asks Mouth to call a truce.  Haley ends up deciding to let Nate decide what he wants to do.

Even though Alex just got out of rehab, she ends hanging out at Tric wanting to drink.  But Alex ends up flirting and trying to sleep with Clayton.  Rachel reveals to Dan that she hired the man the that revealed that Dan was a killer.

Alex ends up showing up at Brooke and Julian’s to give a script.  Quinn’s husband shows up at Tric.  Mouth and Skills talk about why Skills doesn’t want to move out and end up agreeing that Skills can stay.  As Brooke and Millicent look through the photos of the photo shoot, they were surprised at how well they pictures turned out.  Nathan decides not to pay the Mystery Woman, so he ends up having to talk to Jamie at the very end of the episode.


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