One Tree Hill 7.04

One Tree Hillepisode 7.04 starts out with Jamie finding a tabloid magazine that basically tells everyone how Nate cheated.  Brooke and Miley prepare for a fashion show, and Brooke asked Victoria to come and help out.

Meanwhile, Quinn is dealing with her husband David, being in town trying to win her back.  Nate is dealing with the fact that miss mistake made it into a tabloid and tries to explain it to Jamie.

Julian tries to play nice with Victoria, but Victoria  turns it around and makes Julian feel uncomfortable by talking about his dad.  Haley puts up a reporter who tries to get her to talk about Nate’s ‘Love Child.’  Miley gets put down by a model and walks away, so Alex turns around and gets even for Miley.

Quinn tries to tell David why she won’t allow him to change for her and wants a divorce.  Alex ended up slipping the model some sleeping pills and convinces Victoria and Brooke to use Miley in the show…but Brooke uses Miley to make a fashion statement: “Zero is not a Size.”

Julian finds out that Alex wrote the script and offers to help her rewrite if she is willing to work for it.  Alex says she is, and Victoria walks in and gets the idea that there is something going on.  Clayton defends Quinn when David causes a scene in Tric, while Victoria tells Brooke not to let Alex get to close to Julian.  Mouth is fired from his job because he decided not to tell the story about Nate while Miley decides to go to an after party with Alex.

Renee, the woman who is pregnant with Nate’s kid, shows up and Haley ends up bitch-slapping here and the photographers take pics of it.


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