One Tree Hill 7.05

This episode starts with an online blogger replaying the slapping scene between Haley and Renee.  Quinn and Clayton deal with the morning after.   Miley comes home in the morning after her first taste of modeling.  Dan finds out about Nate’s love affair.  Meanwhile, the cops arrive to the Scott’s residence to arrest Haley.

While Haley is spending time in the slammer, Quinn and Clayton get to know each other.  Brooke tells Miley how well Miley did at modeling.  So Brooke tells Miley how the ‘Zero is not a Size’ is going to become a new line.  But, Alex and Julian work try to work on her script.  When Clayton returns Quinn home, Nate tells Clayton that Haley is in Jail.  Yet, a nice surprise is that we get to see Mia visiting Chase chasing his dreams to be a pilot.  While Haley is waiting to be released, she gets a surprised visit from Renee.

Renee tells Haley that she is dropping the charges.  Renee tells Haley that she should look through Nate’s old cell phone bills to see that Nate had called her.  Yet, while Julian is trying to help Alex, Alex crosses a line.  Mouth keeps trying to tell Miley about his job situation.  And Brooke tells Mouth that she offered Miley a job as a model.  While Haley is still waiting in jail, she talks to one of the other inmates about how she knew her husband was cheating on her.  Rachel gets Dan to call Nate.

Quinn tries to talk to Jamie and confront him.  But Jamie asks her why she isn’t with David any more.  After Haley is released from jail, the press is waiting for her and Nate outside the jail house.  Quinn answers the door and David wants to talk.

Clayton tells Nate and Haley that they have to go to the offense to try to offset some of the negative press.  Brooke and Clayton talk to about how Alex is acting.  Nate thinks that Haley is starting to believe Renee and Nate tells Haley that she is the one person he needs.

Brooke confronts Alex about being stripping in front of Julian.  Meanwhile, Miley finds out about Mouth’s job.  And Mouth tries to encourages Miley to do the modeling.  But Miley walks out and ends up going to talk to Alex about the whole situation.  And Alex also tries to convince Miley to model and talks to Miley about the confronting scene between her and Brooke.  Haley talks to Quinn about the whole cheating issue.  Yet, Quinn tells Haley how she saw how Haley and Nathan treated each other, then turns it around to the end of her relationship.  Nathan and David talk about the same thing, but from their perspective.  However, Nate tells David about the time when Haley went on tour.

Alex shows up to Brooke and Julian’s house and apologize to Julian.  Alex also tells Julian that he was the first guy to see her for more than what she has been viewed as.  Alex also convinces him to give her one more chance.

The end of the episode starts at the press conference,  Nate tells Clayton about how he is disappointed in the whole situation.  Haley shows up, even though that Nate believes that she wouldn’t and they confront the press and Miley accepts the job offer to be a model.  Brooke finds out that Julian and Alex worked everything out.  And Clayton lies to Nate about Quinn being at his house.  Haley also finds out that Nate had called her, Dan also tries to get Renee to go away.



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