One Tree Hill 7.07

This episode starts out with people heading towards their seats to get ready for Dan’s show.  Haley and Nate talk about how the scandal is going to take away his dreams of getting into the NBA.  Clayton wakes up and finds a lot of stuff that appears to belong to Quinn that Quinn’s husband left at Clayton’s.  Renee prepares for the show, while Clayton and his ex-wife talk about how Clayton likes Quinn.

Dan starts off his show by telling people to believe what they can only prove.  Renee starts talking about how four months ago, she met Nate-while we get a flashback to the party.  We get a flashback of how Clayton and his ex-wife Sarah met back in college jumping off a bridge into a river.  Dan brings up Renee’s past of some of the things she was like a cheerleader.

We also get to see how Quinn and David once were.  Quinn finds a grant application that she and David were going to fill out to make a documentary before he got a promotion.  Julian and Brooke talk about the Alex issue.  Sarah brings up how Clayton doesn’t have his wedding ring band and he flash back to Sarah helping him with preparing an interview by proposing to Clay.  Dan talks about what love is and how we are assassins when it comes to love and happiness.  Dan says that he believes that believes Renee is telling the truth and he is going to prove it by using a lie detector test right on the show.

Nate is freaking out about what is happening.  Clayton and Sarah practice Clay’s pitch to get clients.  Brooke tells Julian that she felt hurt that Julian said indirectly that they aren’t going to get married, but Julian tells her that he thinks about marrying her all of the time.  In another flashback, David surprises her with a new house.

Dan asks several questions to Renee and finally asked her if Nate is the father of her son and she was telling the truth.

Clayton calls Nate, while Quinn looks for them and has a flashback to David telling Quinn how he is happy, but he doesn’t seem.  Julian asks Brooke if she meant it when she was going to propose…but she doesn’t know anymore.

Dan hooks himself up to the lie detector test.  He goes trough several questions to prove that he set up the lie detector test to prove that Renee wasn’t telling the truth.  Dan tells Renee and everyone else that he believes what had happened…how she was caught in a rock and a hard place.  Dan figures out that she had sex with someone else and she admits that she didn’t sleep with Nate.

In one last flashback of Clayton and Sarah, we see how Sarah had fallen and pronounced dead…which encouragers him to tell Quinn that he thinks that she should go back to David.  The end of the episode also reveals that Dan had heart surgery, unlike how people believe he hadn’t.


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