License to Wed Movie Review

License to Wed is a movie that focuses on the Ben (John Krasinki) and Sadie’s (Mandy Moore) engagement.  Sadie wanted to get married at the church her parents got married at…but they have three weeks to cram a 3 month marriage preparation course if they if want to get married their.  Yet, Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) doesn’t make it easy for them.  Reverend Frank gets them face having fights to how many children they want to describing the in-laws.  Another thing that Reverend Frank does to keep Ben and Sadie on their toes is getting them to talk about what each other like in bed, which causes them to have an argument.  With Ben being feed up, he goes in search to try to find any skeletons that may be in Reverend Frank’s closet.  Yet, the last test they have to pass is the communication test.

 One could really enjoyed the screenplay that Kim Baker, Tim Rasmussen, and Vince Di Meglio wrote.  The way that the screenplay was written was genius.  The movie shows how rushing in love sometimes doesn’t work out.  Yet, I was entertained during the whole movie.  Kevin Kwapis was able to create a great movie out of the screenplay.


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