One Tree Hill 7.08

This episode starts out with Dan having a nightmare about when he had his heart surgery.  Meanwhile, Julian is being forced to go camping.  Also, Clayton is still having dreams of his dead wife Sarah.  As the guys finish getting ready, all of the other guys laugh at how much stuff Julian brought.  Meanwhile, the girls have a girls night with some special brownies.

As Haley counties eating the special brownies, Quinn tells Haley that there is pot in the brownies.  Meanwhile, Clayton still sees his dead wife.  Sarah keeps on trying to go out with Quinn.  After the great show with Renee, Dan starts the show and passes out.

A flashback shows that Dan and Rachel had bought the heart that Dan has.  Quinn and Brooke talk about a psychic, yet, all Haley cares about is eating and Brooke is just freaked out.  Meanwhile, Julian tries to make up for his inexperience of camping by telling a story about a witch.  The psychic that Quinn called us freaky.

After the story Julian told, Jamie and Chuck go to bed.  Dan tries to talk Rachel into letting him tell the audience the truth, but she doesn’t want him to.  Nate tells Mouth thanks for doing what he did and Julian tells Mouth that since his TV career is done, Mouth should turn to the internet.  Meanwhile, the truth about Brooke and Nate’s sex tape comes out while the psychic doesn’t really tell the future, but plays on Brooke and Haley’s wishes by not really saying anything.  Clayton and Sarah talk about how Clayton never told anyone he was married.  Meanwhile, the psychic basically tells Quinn that Clayton needs her.  Meanwhile, Brooke thinks that psychic cursed them.

Mouth thinks about what Julian said.  Meanwhile Nate and Julian bond over movie quotes, stories, and just talking.  Meanwhile, Brooke and Haley are still freaked out.  Julian tells Nate that he is ready to marry Brooke, but not ready for kids.  Quinn shows up at Clayton’s, but he turns her away.  But he realizes he needs her and tells her that he is sorry and he finally tells Quinn that he was married and his wife had died.

With Clayton’s secret out in the open, she finally knows why he told her to go back to David.  Meanwhile, one more flashback shows Dan after surgery and his visions of the guys whose heart he now has.  With the lights out Haley’s, Brooke and Haley have a look around and here a noise in Jamie’s closet which was Chester, Jamie’s rabbit.  And finally, Dan wants to go on a vaction…to Tree Hill.


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