Stepmon Movie Review

Stepmom is the story of new to parenting Isabel (Julia Roberts) when she moves into Luke’s (Ed Harris) house and has to deal with Luke’s kids Ben (Liam Aiken) and Anna (Jena Malone), as well as their mother Jackie (Susan Sarandon).  All though Isabel loves Luke, she is trying to get use to having kids; whereas Jackie is trying to get use to having another woman look and take care of her children. As the movie progresses, when Jackie learns that she has cancer again, she tries to loosen up and tries to let Isabel gain some experience.

They start bonding when Isabel tells Jackie about how Anna was dating someone and they broke up and Anna had asked Isabel what to do, but Isabel told Anna to talk to her mom. After Jackie’s advice to Anna had backfired, Isabel tells Anna “You have a choice, you can act like an adult or be an adult and do something.” So Isabel comes up with a plan for helping Anna, yet when Jackie finds out about what Isabel did and freaks out. After some reflection on her life as mother, Jackie lets Isabel in and they come to a great understanding.

Gigi Levangie, Jessie Nelson, Steven Rogers, Karen Leigh Hopkins, and Ronald Bass all worked on the screenplay for Stepmom.  Their efforts of the five writers for this movie was well worth it.  All five of the screenwriters were able to bring something to the table and make this movie enjoyable to watch.  Chris Columbus was able to talk the screenplay that was written by five writers.

This movie is a great movie because of how it shows how parents that have separated sometimes have to become comfortable with someone else taking care of their children.  I would recommend this movie for the families.  But keep in mind, this movie is rated PG-13.


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