Save the Last Dance Movie Review

Save the Last Dance is a movie that takes a look at how Sara (Julia Stiles) did everything that she could to do great at her Julliard Audition to get into Julliard.  Yet, during her audition that she wanted her mother to be at, her mother dies in a car accident.  Sara doesn’t get into Julliard and ends up goes to Chicago, Il to live with her dad, Roy (Terry Kinney).  On Sara’s first day of school, she finds out that she is basically one of the few white people at her school.  Yet, Sara becomes good friends with Chenille (Kerry Washington) who helps Sara get use to the school.

As Sara gets use to the new school, Sara rediscovers her love of dancing when she meets Chenille’s brother Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas).  Derek gets Sara to start dancing at a club.  Afterwords, Derek convinces Sara to re-audition for Julliard.  It takes some time, but Sara gives in and Derek helps Sara to come up with some new material for her audition.  Yet, as they prepare for her audition, they star forming a relationship that almost everyone forms views about their relationship that they have formed, which causes tension between them.

As Sara’s audition comes closer, Sara starts freaking out cause she feels like no one is going to be there to support her.  Yet, her dad is going to be there to support her…but Sara wants Derek to be there.  When Sara starts her audition, Derek tries to make it in time, but she started and she messed up causes her to mess up.  So Derek gets there in time to give her the confidence boost she needs to nail her audition.  The head of the audition committee tells her that unofficially, she got in.

I believe Duane Adler and Cheryl Edwards wrote a good screenplay.  The fact that they wrote a story about a young woman who has to re-find herself after she lost her mother and her passion of dance where whites the minority.  I found that the choreography was well done.  The acting was well done and the dancing was great.   I would say that anyone enjoys good dancing movies to see this one.


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