Scooby-Doo Movie Review

Scooby-Doo is the first real life movie that is based on the loveable dog Scooby-Doo (voice by Neil Flanning) and the rest of Mystery Inc. when the group splits up and is forced to reunite after two years of being separated.  When Fred (Freddie Prince, Jr.), Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar), and Velma (Linda Cardellini) first meet up in the airlines,  the three of them exchange stories of their ‘success’ since Mystery Inc. when Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) walks up with Scooby-Doo dressed as an old woman.

 As the Gang arrive on the Spookey Island, they are greeted by the Mondavarious (Rowan Atkinson) the island’s owner who says that he had brought them to figure out why all the college students that come to the island leave as well-behaved adults ans so Mystery Inc. can get back together.  The Gang isn’t really excited at first…but once they are in an old shut down ride, the Gang works together and are chased out of it after they find a bunch of clues and reconnect from the experience.

After a group of monsters crash a night party, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby are left to try to save Fred and Velma.  But when Shaggy finds Velma’s soul is a cauldron like thing, Shaggy lets it go, Velma’s soul finds her body and finds out that sun light kills the monsters as Shaggy saves Fred and Daphne and their souls goes into each other’s bodies.  But after they get back into their bodies, the Gang sets out save Scooby and everyone else, but find out that Scrappy Doo (Scott Innes) was behind everything.

I thought that the screenplay written by James Gunn was well written for this movie.  I found that Gunn was able to create a good script for the first real life Scooby-Doo movie.  I also thought that Raja Gosnell was able to interpret the screenplay well enough to turn it into the movie.

I thought Freddie Prince Jr. was able to create a believable Fred.  Sarah Michelle Gellar was able to use a softer side of acting in this movie than one has seen in her tv series Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.  Linda Cardellini was a great fit for Velma.  Matthew Lillard was able to pull off Shaggy in a great way.


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