Catwoman Movie Review

The movie Catwoman tells the story of how Patience Philips (Halle Berry) works for a makeup company that is designing a creme that supposedly makes people younger, yet the creme makes people deform after a certain amount of time of use.  Patience finds out about this by accident and ends up being flushed down a pipe with a bunch of sludge that ends up killing her.  But a bunch of cats come to her aid in a way after she washes up onto a rock and one cat breaths on her causing her to come back to life and start having cat-like instincts and flexibility.  As the movie progressed, Patience and Catwoman seem like two different sides of the same coin, but Patience finally was able to use Catwoman’s abilities to get her killing to be killed and get her name cleaned by the end of the movie.

I liked how John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris, and John Rogers wrote a good screenplay.  I liked how they were able to give Catwoman a better background then we one has seen in the Batman and other series and movies have done so.  I thought that the movie was wonderfully put together.  The fact that the screenwriters put together a movie that didn’t have any other DC Comics Characters was nice.

I loved how the fighting scenes that Berry were in were so entertaining.  The fact that Berry was able to add a new chapter to Catwoman history, it was enjoyable to watch.  I wish that there would be second movie to follow-up this one, but even though there isn’t, I am happy to have been able to watch this movie.  The movie kept me interested throughout the whole movie.


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