One Tree Hill 7.11

Clayton dresses up in a nice suit as he prepares to go meet a kid willing to sign with him.  Quinn gives him some confidence.  Nate and Haley find out that Nate’s agency have an offer for him.  Brooke gets ready to go see Millie.  Skills gets ready for his interview.  Victoria bails out Millie, cause Victoria doesn’t want Clothes Over Bro’s new face.  Nate’s offer is in Spain.

Haley’s album is leaked onto the internet and Miranda has set up a tour with out talking to Haley about it.  Mouth finally finds Millie, but she is in their bedroom.  While Millie is sleeping, Mouth tells her what he misses about the old Millie, but when Mouth leaves the room, Millie starts crying.  Alex shows up at Julian’s to tell him that she is sorry  for telling him that she loves him and everything else that she has done.  Julian encourages Alex not to give up and the he needs to spend time with Brooke because Brooke cannot have kids.

Clayton goes to the guy that is willing to sign with him.  Haley and Nate talk about his offer and her tour, which brings up the issue of them being able to stay together and Jamie.

Clayton and Trey talk about how Clayton will do his best and Clayton finds out that Trey and his family knows that Clayton was fired.  Dan prepares for the show in the hallway where he killed Keith.  Alex finds Millie in her hotel room.  Alex finds the drugs the Millie is after and flushes them down the toilet and Millie slams Alex because of Alex’s crush on Julian.  Haley goes and see Quinn.

Trey and Clayton talk about Trey has a chance to make more money in one year than his dad made in his lifetime and asks Clayton what he would do, and Clayton tells Trey he should sign with his old agency.  Alex shows up at Clothes Over Bros with brochures since Brooke can’t have kids, and Brooke tells Alex that the ‘real’ reason her script failed is because of Alex wanted to work on the film.

After Clayton leaves Trey’s, Clayton goes to visit Sarah’s grave.  Dan shows up at Nate’s to tell him that he is planning to do a show on the day that he killed Keith.  Jamie and Chad play basketball against Fergie and Funk so Skills and Mouth can film them.  Quinn and Haley talk about the tour and basketball problem.  Yet, Quinn gets Haley to think about what she wants.  Millie tries to get more drugs, yet her dealer wants a red dress from Clothes Over Bros that isn’t released yet.  Quinn tells Haley that no matter what she does, Haley will be great.

When Brooke gets home, she tells Julian that she is upset at him for telling Alex that Brooke can’t have kids and he wants kids, yet he lied to Brooke about not wanting to have kids.  Skills and everyone at the river court watch the video that Mouth shout for him.  Haley tells Nate that he isn’t going on tour, but Nate shows a map of Haley’s tour and every place that she and Jamie can visit while on tour.  Brooke and Victoria talk about how Brooke can’t have kids and Victoria says she won’t accept that.

Skills talks about how he will always before for Jamie.  Clayton tells Quinn that nothing happened with Trey, and Quinn asks him what he thinks Sarah would say.  Jimmy’s mother shows up at the school and slaps Dan for profiting off of her son’s death.  Millie shows up at Clothes Over Bros, and Victoria tells Millie not to screw things.  Julian shows up at Alex’s motel room and yells at her for what she did and Julian conforms what Brooke said about her script.

Mouth and Millie have another fight as she is leaving their house and Mouth tells her that if she leaves, she can’t come back.  Brooke tells Julian that she is tired of making Julian give up things and that he should take another movie because she thinks that they need some time apart.   Clayton packs up everything and prepares to leave.  Quinn shows up to Clayton’s old work place.  Haley and Nate are happy with what they decided to do.  Dan and Rachel talk about how Dan is done with the show.  Yet Rachel tries to talk him out quitting the show.  Skills feels like he got the job and Mouth tells him that he thinks it’s done between him and Millie.  Millie steals the dress her dealer wants as Victoria watches her doing this.  Alex leaves a message telling Julian that she will be around no longer as we see that she cut her wrists and is bleeding in a tube.


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