One Tree Hill 7.13

We get to see Nathan and Jamie wish Haley good luck before she starts performing.  Brooke introduces Cloths for Bros and her co-designer Alexander Coin as Alex sits in a therapy session after she had slit her wrists.  Quinn takes a shot of a couple and texts it to Clayton as he gives a potential new client his card.

Jamie shows Quinn several pictures from the tour.  Quinn gets a letter letting her know that her divorce is finale.  Millie shows up before a judge as Victoria shows up to let the judge know that Millie works for her.

Brooke, Alex, Julian, and Alexander have a weird moment as they bump into each other at the airport.  Haley and Quinn talk about how Quinn is officially divorced.  Millie asks Victoria why she did what she did and Victoria tells Millie that she can come back to Clothes over Bros as her assistant.

Clayton shows up at the Scott’s house to drop off some paper work for Nate.  Alexander tries to get Brooke to celebrate after six weeks of hard work.  Alexander asks Brooke what the deal is between her, Julian, and Alex.

Julian helps Alex settle back into her hotel room and Alex has a flash back to when Millie bullied Alex about her crush on Julian.  Jamie tells his friends about the time he had on tour, but he feels like nobody cares.  Julian confronts Brooke about their separation.  As they talk, Julian brings up the facts that she is working with a guy who is also named Alex.

Nate tells Jamie that even though Jamie gets to go to basketball games and go on tour, none of that matter without friends.  Haley shows up to give Brooke tickets for her last show and asks Brooke how it is going with the Julian thing.

Clayton and Quinn talk about Clayton’s big declaration of love.  Julian and Victoria talk about how Julian thinks that Victoria might be pushing a new guy on Brooke.  Alex shows up at a party to try to find Millie.  Alex takes Millie home and sees how Millie has let her apartment slide.

Quinn and Clayton have their first date…which is a picnic inside.  Alexander tells Brooke that he is going to head back to his hotel and he flirts with Brooke as Victoria walks in.  Victoria tells Brooke that she gave Millie a job.

Millie asks Alex why she is still at the apartment and Alex tells Millie that she will not leave till she and Millie talk.  Millie brakes down and starts to cry and Alex comforts her.


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