Animorphs: The Message

In KA Applegates’s Animorphs: The Message, Cassie is the narrator and we get a few more questions about the world of the Animorphs.  We also get more information about the world of the Animorphs.  And these two things go hand-and-hand with each other.

One of the things that we learn right off the bat is the Cassie is that she is sassier than we may have thought in the first three books.  Granted, most of the sassiness we read in the first chapter is mostly how Cassie narrated what was going on with the squirrel morph.

1996 Cover

We also find out at the start of the book that both Cassie and Tobias have been dreaming very similar dreams.  The dreams that the two have been having come off in some ways as a SOS and when they talk to the other Animorphs, they discover that they are the only two that are having these dreams.  The only real thing that Cassie and Tobias know about the dreams that they involve water, so the group decides to go the Ocean – which kills the idea that I had about this being in Montana, but rather on the West Coast – the two hear the thought speak.

With the exception of Tobias, none of the other Animorphs where in morph form, and humans cannot thought-speak unless they are in morph and Tobias didn’t say what anything.  Leading to the wonder: “Who said that” since they knew it also wasn’t Visser Three.

With the group not aware of who the mystery mind-speaker – most likely an Andalite unless another alien race can mind-speak – is and knowing that they are at the bottom of the ocean, there is only one way to figure out who it is.  Morph into dolphins and swim to the bottom of the ocean of course.

2011 Cover

Yet, the first attempt of finding the mind-speaker, the group – minus Tobias – attempts to swim there as dolphins.  As they swim in the ocean, they get into a fight with some sharks and Marco’s dolphin tail is badly injured.  Cassie is the one that comes up with a quick plan for him to unmorph and then morph back again into the dolphin since being injured doesn’t affect the DNA of an animal.

Once Marco is safe again and a whale, yes a whale, tells Cassie where the mysterious mind-speaker is.  Of course, the Animorphs are in a race against the Yeerks and time to reach the mind-speaker that could turn out to be a great aid to them since they have information about the Yeerks that could prove to be helpful.

The one thing that irks me about this chapter in the fight against the Yeerks is that we are given enough information in a sense to figure out that the setting of the story is on the west coast since we know, based off of how it sounds, that Tobias’s aunt lives on the east coast and his uncle doesn’t and since we know that there are black

bears, not grizzly bears, in the area means that there is no way for them to be on the east coast.

All though it seems that the Yeerks don’t know much about Earth, it seems safe to say that the fact that we were able to figure this out doesn’t seem to mean that the Yeerks will.  Then again, it seems that once Yeerks infest their hosts, they are able to read the host’s mind to figure out different things that are useful in terms of controlling the host.  So who knows what the Yeerks do and don’t know?

Yet, we do learn some stuff about the Andalites in the book, such as it will take up to two years for back up to arrive.  Granted, we find this out towards the end of this book.  We also find out that the Animorphs are able to mix the DNA of different specimen within the same animal family, i.e. two different dolphins.

Some things we don’t find out really, even though we get some speculation, is why Cassie and Tobias where able to receive the SOS that they did.

Something that was really nice about this book is that it was the first one where Visser Three doesn’t have any direct interaction with the Animorphs.  It also dawns on the Animorphs that just because they have the power to morph into any animal doesn’t mean that they can’t be injured by anything that is from Earth.

Yet, I have to wonder: since the animal morphs that they have are healed from morphing back into human form, does that mean the same holds true for their normal human forms?

Something else that I have to ponder is if the Andalites knew that the Yeerks where heading to Earth, why didn’t they have more Andalites attempting to protect Earth from the invasion?  After all, it does seem like the Yeerks have had more time than, what the books make it seem, to get everything in place.  I wonder if the Yeerks had gotten to Earth prior to the Andalites defense line had, because it seems that the Yeerks have been on Earth for a while; then again, I did read this series ages ago and I could just be remembering things.


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