Hashtags, Genres, & Donkeys, oh my

During the first day of semester, I got to enjoy the usual first day of classes stuff: syllabi from my classes, meeting my fellow classmates, talk about what we can expect out of the semester.  For the most part, my classes seem to be pretty straight forward so far.

ENGL 3177 – Weblogs & Wikies

From what Professor Morgan had said during class today, it sounds very much like this course seems to be 50% independent study and 50% class.  The reason why I say this is because it sounds like Professor Morgan will be expecting us to work on things on our own and then come together and discuss these with each other.  Granted, that’s how most classes are.  But it seems that the course is pretty much a course where Morgan will be giving us the parameters and/or assignments for our blogs and twitter accounts.

Yet, I am looking forward to this class just because I will be able to expand upon the basics that I have picked up on over the last couple of years.  Plus, it sounds like I will be able to push myself in new ways over the semester in this course.

WMST 3100 – Writing Women’s Lives

The thing I like about this course, so far, is that it sounds like Rose has taught this course one before a couple of years ago.  The great thing about what this course is that it sounds like Rose is going to allow us to be very creative with our final projects that we have  to do for the end of the semester.  Rose was telling us how that students in the past have done stuff like multi-media products for their final product.

All though I had to leave early for Travel Narratives, thankfully Rose is kind enough to let me do this, I am happy that this course is one that I am that I am taking.  The reason is because including myself, there is only one other guy in the course.  I think it will be pretty awesome that there are more women than men in the class since I am sure that I will be able to get more of their perspective then if there was an equal balance of males and females.

ENGL 3608 – Travel Narratives

With Travel Narratives, Maureen was telling us how once we start reading our books, we’d be reading a 100 to 150 per week or so.  Talk about crazy, right?  After all, with the other Literature course I am taking, I will definitely be doing a bunch reading.

Probably, the best thing about this course from what I can tell is that the reading list will be very diverse in the locations we are going to be reading about.  The first location that we will be reading about for our next class, which doesn’t meet again until the 23rd of this month, is Morocco.  Maureen had printed off some articles for us to read that will be interesting to read.


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