Hey #en3177, My Question is Finally Answered!!!

For #en3177, we have to have read the first chapter of Blogging: Digital Media And Society Series for an upcoming class period and the chapter is entitled “What is a Blog?” and since I have been blogging for a couple of years now, I figured a somewhat sarcastic blog post title was appropriate since I didn’t know every single thing about what a blog is.  But still, the chapter seemed slightly pointless for someone who has had a couple of courses dealing with working with blogs.

No offense to Jill Walker Rettberg since this chapter is useful for someone just starting out with the whole blogging thing.  Plus, I do realize that if this was the first time that I was ever blogging that this book would be a great resource.

The three types of blogs that Rettberg talks about in this chapter makes sense since blogs can fall under one of the three: Personal, Filter, and Topic-Driven.  I think that if anything, I do a combination of Topic-Driven and Personal blogging.  The reason is because I like being able to have a one stop blog location for any classes I may have to do, but I also like being able to post more personal views on things as well so that the blog is more well-rounded.  Plus, I think that if you don’t add some form of personal in what ever type of blog you have, then there is no real human connection I feel.  But, I am one of those people who like to read something that I can connect with.

The only thing I wish that was expanded on is the history of blogging.  But I can just Google that.



    1. No problem ;-). If you need any more tips, let me know. I am sure that I can help you out if I know how to do what ever you need help with.

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