It Came. It Went.

With the first week of school having come and gone, it doesn’t feel like a normal semester in some ways.  I believe that it has more to do with the fact that I actually have courses that I am looking forward to having.  And I know that the homework won’t really be that easy, but more in the sense that I will have a fair amount of reading to do.

Yet, it doesn’t feel like previous semesters.  I believe that it has something to do with the fact that out of the six courses I am taking, the six courses are ones that have an interest to me or that they are building upon things I have already learned.

I think with #en3177, the thing that I will mostly learn is how to utilize more social media sites for when I am out of college and in the ‘real world’ of being an adult.  Plus, I think that this course will also allow me to grow my skills of using the web.

In terms of my Photojournalism class, I believe that I will learn mostly how to please a different set of audience with my photographs.  I am not talking about a hypothetical audience or even Professor, but my fellow classmates.  When I first took digital photography two years-ago, I found that my classmates where some of the hardest people to please.  Mainly since they all had different tastes.

With Travel Narratives, it seems that the course, along with my Writing Women’s Lives, will teach me how to examine different pieces of work and how they are put together.  All though I have done this time and again, these two are courses that are focused on very specific topics unlike almost any lit course I have taken.  Yet, I am looking forward to them because of the fact that the classes will have very interesting subject matters.

Creative Nonfiction II should be very interesting just due to the fact that I will be turning in at least 30 pages by the end of the semester and that’s roughly what I had to do for my Capstone class last term.  So it will be very interesting to do the same again.

As for my Professional Writing in the Political Sphere course, I really have no idea what to expect.  Just because it is a course that I designed.  I am looking forward to the class just because I got to design the course myself with the help of one of my friends.

WIth the week having come and gone, it is so weird to think about how that the courses will be a fun challenge.


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