Frenemies Movie Review

Frenemy: vrb., a person who is a friend to your face, but is actually an enemy.

Frenemies: a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) that first aired on January 13, 2012.

Movie Review

The movie centers around three sets of friends and how different situations came up that put each friendship at risk by turning these friends into enemies.  This movie centers around three different sets of stories that are intertwined with each other.

The first story centers around Jake Logan (Nick Robinson) and his best friend is Murray, a dog.  Jake ends up putting aside his friend for Julianne (Stefanie Scott) because she wanted to use Jake for his brains and Jake had a thing for her.  As Jake works on the on the science project, Murray get’s jealous of Julianne’s relationship.  When Murray runs away, he ends up at Savannah’s.

With Halle Brandon (Zendaya Coleman) and Avalon Greene (Belle Thorne), they run an online fashion blog  called ‘Geekly Chic’ that has the chance to become an actual magazine.  Yet, the company that wants to do this forces the girls to compete against each other for the Editor-in-Cheif position, a dream that both have and will do anything to achieve.

With the third story, we see a story of Savannah O’Neil and Emma Reynolds (both played by Mary Mouser) could be mistaken for twins.  Savannah is very much the tomboy downtown contradiction to Emma’s proper uptown persona.  Per suggestion of Halle and Avalon, the two switch places for a week and quickly learn that they had the best lives to start off with.

Even though the three stories where connected, they where connected the first and last third of the movie.  I think that if the movie would of been more intertwined and then each of then being told straight through.  The actors did a great job, but I believe that the screenplay could of been written better.  I think that the three stories where good, but I really think that if the three stories where intertwined even more, then the movie would of been one of the best DCOM movies since the ‘High School Musical‘ film series.


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