Answering Anna’s Question

One of my fellow #en3177 classmates asked this question about Twitter on Twitter:!/tweety_browb/status/157103357885030401

To best my classmate’s – and friend’s – question: how Twitter is different allows for a quick post and challenges you to have only 140 characters in a post.  Or to put it: Twitter is almost the love child of Facebook and Blogging websites.  The reason why I put it this way is because as Levinson state’s on page 122 of New New Media, Facebook has a “status bar” and Twitter also has a “status bar.”

Also, in both Facebook and Twitter, you can mention someone using the at-sign (@) so that they are connected to your status.

Something else to consider how Facebook and Twitter are alike is that you can share links, photos, and videos on Facebook and you can do the same on Twitter as well.  This is not to say that everything you do on Facebook, you can do on Twitter.  And the same is true about things you can do on Twitter that you can’t do on Facebook.  Take into consideration that you can use hashtags in Twitter…yet you can’t do that in Facebook.  And with Facebook, we have a like button.

Take into consideration also that with Tweets (if you use the right widget for WordPress), you can have them be shown on a WordPress blog.  Whereas with Facebook (Once again, with the right widget), if you have a page that people can “like” on Facebook, you can have a link to that page.

Basically then, the two social media platforms allow you to use a blog on WordPress to further advertise either yourself or a company that you either work for or like.  However, this is getting away to how Twitter is different from Facebook.

Now that I have explored how they are similar, it is almost safe to say that there is no real difference to how they are different other then are they are categorized: Facebook is considered a social media site, where as Twitter is considered to be a microblogging website (this is due to the 140 character maximum limit).

Anything way that they seem to be different is that Twitter posts – unlike Facebook ones – can be inserted into blog posts.  I learned this trick over the summer from a WordPress blog post called “3 New Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers from” that I got from a tweet.  I find this to be a very interesting difference between the two: impart because of the fact that it is really cool, I think, to be able to put a tweet (even if it is someone else’s) into my blog post since it is regenerating information that someone else has stated.

Those are the main ways that Facebook and Twitter are different…if you ask me ;-).


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  1. Great post Joe. I think you have a lot of insight about these two networks because you have a lot of experience using them! I feel like I understand better now…

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