Writing is a Tool

In Jill Walker Rettberg‘s book – Blogging – that my #en3177 class is reading, the second chapter discusses the “history” of communication – if you could this chapter that.  Rettberg discusses how we, the human race, went through different stages and vexations of communication, which can be put into a Flowchart of sorts.

Writing Tools

One thing that I find interesting about this chapter is that Rettberg points out how writing is a “tool.”  The reason why I find this interesting is that I remember hearing from a professor here – Carl Sewall – at one point about how writing is a tool.  Yet, I think that it is pretty easy to forget that writing is considered a tool.

As Rettberg continued through this section about writing being a tool, she also mentions how the mass production of books shifted society from being more of social society to being social, but not when we are reading.  The reason is due to the fact that the printing press allowed more people to learn how to read.

Shifts of Traditions

A part of the reason that considering writing to be a tool is because blogs require you to write.  Rettberg mentions that electronic media is a second coming of orality.  I, however, I believe that electronic media only allows our oral traditions to expand.  The reason why I say this is because you can either read blog posts out loud or can read them silently.


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