Is There Still Space for MySpace?

I remember the first real social media website it was: MySpace.  I joined because everyone else had one.  I know, lame excuse.  But still, I joined because I wanted to know what the deal was with MySpace.  Yet, it was interesting to see what Levinson had to say about it.

Who Doesn’t Want Friends?

MySpace’s Tagline is “A Place For Friends.”  This tagline is true, Myspace is a place for Friends to connect.  MySpace is a place for friends.  MySpace – very much like the much preferred Facebook – is a place where for friends to connect.

However, they have ditched it with the makeover that they did.  When I had Googled “MySpace’s Tagline,” I found this tweet:!/seaninsound/status/28874674383

The link in the tweet – if you check it out – leads you to a page on Tumblr.  The page tells how MySpace is now more of a place now for people people to gather and share music.

A New Way For A Record Deal, But Can You?

In the chapter that Levinson talks about MySpace, he discusses how the music industry has changed in terms of how one is discovered.  Back in the “good old days” of being discovered at a concert or in a bar, where a Record Label Rep could easily see how someone responds to the musician.

With MySpace – YouTube for Justin Bieber – has made it easier in a sense for Label Reps to find new musicians based on how many people “follow” the potential musician.

The Question Still Stands

However, the question still is if there is any space for MySpace?  The reason why I ask is due to the fact that Levinson brings up how new new media changes old media.  In this case, Facebook has changed MySpace.

Facebook has made MySpace to be less used because Facebook is the more well known house hold product, whereas MySpace has become the house hold product that almost every tenth house seems to use.  Therefore, it is no shock that MySpace had to change it’s business plan.  Yet, does that mean that we still have a great need for MySpace?


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