Online Bullying and Stalking


During this past summer – summer of 2011 – ABC Family and Seventeen Magazine launched a campaign they called “Delete Digital Drama” in regards of all of the online bullying that goes on.  As part of the campaign, ABC Family filmed and aired an original movie called “Cyberbully” that showed how social websites aid in making it more easy for people to bully their peers online.

Law & Order: SVU Episode Based on a Real Case

I remember watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU entitled “Babes” that is based on a case that Levinson sites in his book.  Levinson cites the case of Lori Drew who joined MySpace to seek revenge on 13 year-old Megan Meier.  According to what Levinson says in his book, Meier had spread rumors of Drew’s daughter.  Drew went on to create a fake MySpace account as boy – named Josh Evans – and pretended to fall in love with Meier.  After that, Drew had sent an e-mail stating:

the world would be a better place without you.

The above stated episode of Law & Order: SVU combined the Drew-Meier story with the Gloucester High School Pregnancy Pact.  All though the episode was – as some may say – the Hollywood version of the two stories, it portrayed the cyber bullying aspect in the second half of the episode and the ramifications that social media has in terms of bullying.


Levinson also touches a bit on the stalking issue of social media.  However, he does touch on the whole Google Earth being able to provide photographs of a location if you have the address that someone lives at.

However, the Cyber Bullying example that Levinson provided that I mentioned earlier.  Even though Levinson doesn’t touch on it too much, with the fact that we can now Google anyone, then that makes it easier to find information on someone.  Same thing with Wikipedia or any other search engine.  Granted, that is with assumption that the person your Googling has such a unique name or is well-known in order to be one of the first hits.



  1. I like how you gave the example of Law & Order SVU and Cyberbullying. I’ve seen both of them and them, along with Levinson do a good job of stating the fact that everything is fair game. The internet is a great tool but can lead to many negative activities.

    1. You’re right about the internet being a great tool, but it leading to the endless amount of negative activities is kind amazing. But that can be applied to anything.

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