The Non-Designer’s Design and Type Books Book Review

For my Media Design course that I took, I had to use The Non-Designer’s Design and Type Books by the writer Robin Williams.  The  book was a great intro to textbook/reference book on the topic for someone who wants to learn more about design and how to design different things, i.e. letterhead, business cards, and flyers.

What I really liked about the book was that it told you what didn’t work about a particular design and why.  Then it went about telling you how to correct the design idea that you may have had.

Then when I got to the type book, I really liked this section because it talked about stuff like Kerning, Swash Characters, and several other things that I never knew about using type that I found both useful and interesting; such as the color of a typeface, and this doesn’t mean color as in red or blue but rather the white you can see around the letters and words.

I would say that this book is worth buying if you’re in a field where you need to use different things like letterhead and flyers and other projects that need to be designed so you can save yourself some money.


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