Fifty Shades of Grey Book Review

The are so many different ways I can start off this review of Fifty Shades of Grey.  After all, some call it soft porn and others view it as graphic.  For me, I actually thought it wasn’t that bad.  Sure, there where a few scenes in the book that where “graphic.”  However, what can we expect from a book that centers around sexuality and sex?  For it to dance around those graphic scenes with creative euphemisms to protect our delicate eyes that see more graphic things on TV?  I think not.

I found this book interesting to read, in part because it does introduce us to the world of a submissive and dominate relationship.  And yes, I know people, there are probably hundreds of books out there that may not be in the mainstream media that we all hear about on the same subject; but this book offers us the chance to see a relationship like this to unfold before our eyes and explore the relationship.  Plus, the book does a pretty good job setting up for the next book if you choose to go more in-depth with the characters.

Yet, probably the most exciting thing about the book was how see the issue of consent in a sexual relationship comes up.  In a world where rape and sexual assaults are prevalent, to some, in our culture, it was interesting to see how the issue of consent was shown in the book and within this community.  After all, how many of us actually take the time to sit down with our sexual partners and say, “Hey, I don’t want to do this in bed” or “I don’t want to have sex anywhere other than our place.”

Generally speaking, this isn’t the kind of book I would have gone off and bought unless if it was as well placed in the media as it was; but I was glad I read it.  It made for more of an interesting read than I thought and I cannot wait to see what happens next in the series.


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