MMPR: The Movie Review

With the Power Rangers reboot coming up on in a few months, I felt the need to re-watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

What is really nice about this movie is that we got to see more different suits, a more impressive power chamber then the series, a new villain, and a story line that wasn’t apart of the Super Sentai series.

The movie, overall, was a pretty good one for a 1990’s kid’s orientated action movie.  The special effects where better compared to the two first seasons of the TV series.  The story line was alright.  After all, it is a movie geared towards children right?

Here’s the thing, though: re-watching a movie that you liked as a kid is always a risk.  Either you watch it with the same wide-eye joy that you did as a kid or you wonder how as a kid, how where you so interested in one movie so much.  With this movie and this viewing, I was somewhere in between the two.

I loved re-watching this movie just because it was fun getting to enjoy it.  On the other hand, I couldn’t help but think that certain scenes could have been better – such as the one where the Rangers where fighting Ivan and destroying buildings during the battle – with special effects.  And I’m not one for big flashy special effects.

With watching this movie, it definitely showcases that we’re ready for the reboot since it’ll have 20 years worth of special effects advancement.


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