We’re Charmed, Again

Last week, it was announced that fans of the 1998 WB series Charmed will get to see the series re-imagined.

According to TV Line, the reboot will take place in a small new-England town around 1976.  For those of you who remember the original series, Pure – the oldest Halliwell- was born in 1970.  The reboot, then, will be taking place during the same time period of the original series.  After all, don’t forget about the That ’70s Episode, in which the sisters travel back to to 1975.

charmedtitlelogo1Although we don’t know the specific connection to the original series, we have the following character description:

Tina: African American. Whip-smart, Tina is one dissertation (and one dissertation advisor) away from a PhD. She can be reserved, even standoffish, in uncomfortable situations, but she picks up on
everything and she’s definitely making quick, accurate judgments about you.

Paige: Caucasian Cheerful, curvy, wholesome and as all-American as the apple pie she can’t wait to serve to the husband she has yet to marry. Paige’s main goal in life is to marry a rich doctor and be a wife and mother.

Annie: Caucasian. Intense, smart, and quick to anger. She dresses neutrally, though she could give two s–ts if you like her outfit, so stop wondering what “neutral” means. But under that tough façade, well… there is a fragility. A person desperate to be loved, and love.

According to a piece posted on Bustle, the series has been confirmed by the head of CW that series will be a stand alone series, meaning that there won’t be any Halliwell appearance – at the moment – planned.  But the prequel series will have some connection to the original series in some fashion.

Despite having received the blessing from the original Charmed Ones, there is some push back in regards of a reboot.  The push book involves believing that the formula for the show has worked once before – granted the author didn’t mention the movie The Craft – and that the Wicca fad is ‘over’.

Despite these two points, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be something new and different about the series.  After all, the original dealt with three sisters and this one doesn’t.



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