Riverdale’s Second Chapter: A Touch of Evil

Riverdale‘s second episode sheds some light on what happened between Jughead and Archie, the story line that I am the peeks my interest the most at the moment.  This is due to the fact that Jughead, unlike Archie, seems to have a firm grasp on what’s right and what’s wrong.

But while we see Archie struggle with everything going on – dealing with his secret affair with a teacher, Jason’s death, what’s happening with Veronica – Veronica is trying to move past of the events in last week’s episode.

Jason’s Death is Stirring up some drama

Jason’s death is definitely causing the intended drama: Jughead is thinks that there is a correlation between Archie ditching on a road trip on the 4th and some people thinking that Cheryl blossom thinking that she might have had something to do with her brother’s death.  After having a bonding afternoon with Betty, Cheryl starts questioning Betty for info that pertains to Jason’s death

A bit on Jughead

Jughead is definitely the quick quip character and almost comes off as Archie’s moral compass.  Especially when it comes to getting Archie thinking about coming clean about what he heard on the fourth.
screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-11-03-35-am-640x300Yet, Jughead isn’t afraid to be speak out against the jocks at the school when they speculate that he might have killed Jason.

Since the series, so far, is narrated at the start and end of the episodes with a Jughead narrating, that does beg the question of how that might shade the story we’re hearing.  Yet, this does beg the question: when the series end, will it be set at some kind of book reading or Jughead trying to get it published.

So far, Jughead is the most interesting character in my opinion.  This is due to the fact that he comes off as he knows something.

Interview pertaining to Jughead

Here is Cole Sprouse’s view on Jughead



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