Pokemon Goes Johto

I, like a handful of people, have really gotten into Pokémon Go. Granted, I get into it for a week or two at a time, but I am currently am hanging around level 19 and have been since Christmas. I went back to it, currently, because the series two Pokémon have been released and Pokémon Johto is kind of my favorite seasons and gaming systems series.

pokemon-go-johtoPersonally, I hope that as Pokémon Go continues to grow and get updates, the new Pokémon from the remaining series Pokémon aren’t released as fast as the series two ones where. Although they were released, I’m guessing, to bring people back into using the app, I’m personally not going to be Pokémon hunting outside while the weather is yo-yoing between now and pretty much the end of April.

I think that in the northern hemisphere, releasing new Pokémon starting in late April or early May is the more idea time. This is due to the fact that spring is typically setting in around the third week of April. Granted, this past February has been a warm one in northern Minn,

The other thing I am surprised at is the fact that some Pokémon, like the Ledyba and Spinarak that I recently caught would have been less common compared to something like a Jynx just due to the fact that its winter where I live. Granted, I am sure it’s either hard to connect the local weather to the game or the programmers haven’t figured out a way yet.

Oh the Pokémon you see around art studios. #PokemonGo #Pokemon #bugpokemon #art #artstudio #art🎨 #artstudent #studentlife

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