The 13 Reasons Why Trailer

Yesterday, the trailer for Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why was released:

13-reasons-why-tapesWhat is nice about the trailer is that we get a bit of a better idea of how Hannah’s voice overs will happen: some of them will involve Clay walking behind Hannah.

Otherwise, we do a glimpse of one of the most important props from the show: the cassette tapes.  The numbers on the cassettes are a bit large then mentioned in the book, but it’s nice seeing some what the props will actually look like since we’ve had 10 years to picture everything.13-reasons-why-clay-listening-to-tapes

The trailer does focus around Clay and Hannah predominantly, but get a glimpse of the other 12 people who Hannah contributes to why she committed suicide.    We also got to see a bit of the appearance that Hannah’s mom makes.  I think it’s a great addition to have Hannah’s parent’s in the 13 episode series.  With the exception of the Clay’s mom, the high school counselor, and Mr. Porter, the book didn’t have to many adults in it that have some kind of recurring role.

A few of the reactions to the trailer call it dark, point out its presented as a mystery thriller, and a harrowing adoption.  Personally speaking, I am happy that the director and producers don’t try to sugar coat the series.


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