Joe Vito Moubry
A Selfie of me

Hey everyone, I’m Joe Vito Moubry.  I had having to describe myself, but if I did, I’d use the words: writer, photographer, student, blogger, reader, walker, a career student, and so on.

I grew up on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota.  Within the community I grew up in, I’ve met many artists who express themselves in many mediums: writing, painting, acting, drawing, drama, and so on.  For me, writing and photography are the main two mediums I like using; granted I have dabbled in acting, singing and painting.

Some of the things I love exploring with my writing is social media, higher education issues, sexuality, and different forms of entertainment like movies or music.  With photography, I love taking portrait shots of people since I use the sessions I do as a way to get to know people.

I have been fortunate enough to have some of my work published on the online magazine CRE8 and on USA Today College.