#WeekendCoffeeShare: Wisdom Teeth and Work

If we were having coffee, I’d probably ether be having an iced chai latte or some other chilled drink since my two lower wisdom teeth had been removed on Tuesday.  I probably could get a way with drinking a cup of hot coffee, but I really don’t want to risk dry socket.  When I had my upper two wisdom teeth removed, it was pretty easy and there was no real soreness afterwords; I was just extremely tired the following day.  With my bottom two however, my lower jaw has been sore the majority of the time.

I’d probably be telling you how with the exception of when I take some extra strength Tylenol, it’s sore and uncomfortable moving my mouth.  The soreness has reduced each day, but it does make me happy that I had a couple of days off from work seeing how I work in a restaurant.

Granted, compared to some of the ‘horror stories’ I’ve heard about dry socket and what not, I’m happy that I’ve just had a sore jaw.

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed over the last couple days is just getting to relax and rest up.  In some ways, it’s easy to overlook taking care of yourself in way that allows you to appreciate what you have.  Even though having four days off is a gift in many ways, I am one of those people that typically by day three of longer breaks like this – even from school – I am ready for something to do.

Something that got me excited while recovering is the 13 Reasons Why Netflix trailer.  Ever since the release date was announced for the series, it’s been exciting to see the trailers that come out and what not, especially since Netflix already has built the preview image on their site and people can add the show to their list.

The 13 Reasons Why Trailer

Yesterday, the trailer for Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why was released:

13-reasons-why-tapesWhat is nice about the trailer is that we get a bit of a better idea of how Hannah’s voice overs will happen: some of them will involve Clay walking behind Hannah.

Otherwise, we do a glimpse of one of the most important props from the show: the cassette tapes.  The numbers on the cassettes are a bit large then mentioned in the book, but it’s nice seeing some what the props will actually look like since we’ve had 10 years to picture everything.13-reasons-why-clay-listening-to-tapes

The trailer does focus around Clay and Hannah predominantly, but get a glimpse of the other 12 people who Hannah contributes to why she committed suicide.    We also got to see a bit of the appearance that Hannah’s mom makes.  I think it’s a great addition to have Hannah’s parent’s in the 13 episode series.  With the exception of the Clay’s mom, the high school counselor, and Mr. Porter, the book didn’t have to many adults in it that have some kind of recurring role.

A few of the reactions to the trailer call it dark, point out its presented as a mystery thriller, and a harrowing adoption.  Personally speaking, I am happy that the director and producers don’t try to sugar coat the series.

Pokemon Goes Johto

I, like a handful of people, have really gotten into Pokémon Go. Granted, I get into it for a week or two at a time, but I am currently am hanging around level 19 and have been since Christmas. I went back to it, currently, because the series two Pokémon have been released and Pokémon Johto is kind of my favorite seasons and gaming systems series.

pokemon-go-johtoPersonally, I hope that as Pokémon Go continues to grow and get updates, the new Pokémon from the remaining series Pokémon aren’t released as fast as the series two ones where. Although they were released, I’m guessing, to bring people back into using the app, I’m personally not going to be Pokémon hunting outside while the weather is yo-yoing between now and pretty much the end of April.

I think that in the northern hemisphere, releasing new Pokémon starting in late April or early May is the more idea time. This is due to the fact that spring is typically setting in around the third week of April. Granted, this past February has been a warm one in northern Minn,

The other thing I am surprised at is the fact that some Pokémon, like the Ledyba and Spinarak that I recently caught would have been less common compared to something like a Jynx just due to the fact that its winter where I live. Granted, I am sure it’s either hard to connect the local weather to the game or the programmers haven’t figured out a way yet.

Oh the Pokémon you see around art studios. #PokemonGo #Pokemon #bugpokemon #art #artstudio #art🎨 #artstudent #studentlife

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Riverdale’s Third Chapter: Slut Shaming as a Theme

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bad blogger…I watched Riverdale and didn’t post about it, I wasn’t kind of out of it after having two of my wisdom teeth removed.  Which, was actually less painful than I thought

Yet, that’s not here or there.  The first thing that comes to mind about the third episode is slut shaming. What happened to cause this focus was that Veronica went on a date with the captain of the football team, who is also the head coach’s son.

After this date, the football star started slut shamming Veronica, despite nothing happening on the date.  This pushes Veronica and Betty to take action about the issue at Riverdale High.  They initially seek revenge – which we see Betty having an episode of some sort where she thinks she’s Pauli, her older sister – but then Betty uses the restarted high school paper to write a story on what happened.

riverdale-1x03-the-cwAlthough I haven’t seen slut shamming happen in person, but I think that it was great that the show took on the issue.  Especially since it took on the idea that women should take charge.  (In fairness here’s I am using ‘women’ here as the main gender that gets slut shamed, since there is a double standard that essentially goes where if you’re a guy, it’s great that you’re having sex and it’s bad if you’re a woman)

Within the episode, we also get a glimpse into Betty’s mental state when she thinks that she is Pauli for a second or two.  We also got a glimpse into her mental heath in the pilot.  Giving a lead character of a beloved series is a brilliant move, I think, due to the fact that it give more depth to the series.  Granted, it sadly means that it also give more drama to series, possibly meaning that for a time, Betty wont be a well liked character.

The other thing that will have an impact in episode four (which I am holding off on watching till I have this posted) is that Archie’s secret affair with a high school teacher is one step closer to being exposed.  Dilton Doiley, a troupe master, was the one that shot the gun one July 4th and he trades The Blue and Gold – Riverdale High’s newspaper – their silence for the bit of info that  Miss Grundy’s car was at the lake the Jason died.  Betty said yes to the swap, even though she doesn’t know what this will do to Archie.  Jughead, however, knows what this will do to Archie.

Riverdale’s Second Chapter: A Touch of Evil

Riverdale‘s second episode sheds some light on what happened between Jughead and Archie, the story line that I am the peeks my interest the most at the moment.  This is due to the fact that Jughead, unlike Archie, seems to have a firm grasp on what’s right and what’s wrong.

But while we see Archie struggle with everything going on – dealing with his secret affair with a teacher, Jason’s death, what’s happening with Veronica – Veronica is trying to move past of the events in last week’s episode.

Jason’s Death is Stirring up some drama

Jason’s death is definitely causing the intended drama: Jughead is thinks that there is a correlation between Archie ditching on a road trip on the 4th and some people thinking that Cheryl blossom thinking that she might have had something to do with her brother’s death.  After having a bonding afternoon with Betty, Cheryl starts questioning Betty for info that pertains to Jason’s death

A bit on Jughead

Jughead is definitely the quick quip character and almost comes off as Archie’s moral compass.  Especially when it comes to getting Archie thinking about coming clean about what he heard on the fourth.
screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-11-03-35-am-640x300Yet, Jughead isn’t afraid to be speak out against the jocks at the school when they speculate that he might have killed Jason.

Since the series, so far, is narrated at the start and end of the episodes with a Jughead narrating, that does beg the question of how that might shade the story we’re hearing.  Yet, this does beg the question: when the series end, will it be set at some kind of book reading or Jughead trying to get it published.

So far, Jughead is the most interesting character in my opinion.  This is due to the fact that he comes off as he knows something.

Interview pertaining to Jughead

Here is Cole Sprouse’s view on Jughead