Riverdale’s Third Chapter: Slut Shaming as a Theme

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bad blogger…I watched Riverdale and didn’t post about it, I wasn’t kind of out of it after having two of my wisdom teeth removed.  Which, was actually less painful than I thought

Yet, that’s not here or there.  The first thing that comes to mind about the third episode is slut shaming. What happened to cause this focus was that Veronica went on a date with the captain of the football team, who is also the head coach’s son.

After this date, the football star started slut shamming Veronica, despite nothing happening on the date.  This pushes Veronica and Betty to take action about the issue at Riverdale High.  They initially seek revenge – which we see Betty having an episode of some sort where she thinks she’s Pauli, her older sister – but then Betty uses the restarted high school paper to write a story on what happened.

riverdale-1x03-the-cwAlthough I haven’t seen slut shamming happen in person, but I think that it was great that the show took on the issue.  Especially since it took on the idea that women should take charge.  (In fairness here’s I am using ‘women’ here as the main gender that gets slut shamed, since there is a double standard that essentially goes where if you’re a guy, it’s great that you’re having sex and it’s bad if you’re a woman)

Within the episode, we also get a glimpse into Betty’s mental state when she thinks that she is Pauli for a second or two.  We also got a glimpse into her mental heath in the pilot.  Giving a lead character of a beloved series is a brilliant move, I think, due to the fact that it give more depth to the series.  Granted, it sadly means that it also give more drama to series, possibly meaning that for a time, Betty wont be a well liked character.

The other thing that will have an impact in episode four (which I am holding off on watching till I have this posted) is that Archie’s secret affair with a high school teacher is one step closer to being exposed.  Dilton Doiley, a troupe master, was the one that shot the gun one July 4th and he trades The Blue and Gold – Riverdale High’s newspaper – their silence for the bit of info that  Miss Grundy’s car was at the lake the Jason died.  Betty said yes to the swap, even though she doesn’t know what this will do to Archie.  Jughead, however, knows what this will do to Archie.

Riverdale’s Chapter 1: The River’s Edge

In regards of mid-season new TV shows, I was interested to watch Riverdale, the CW’s take on the Archie Comics cartoon after seeing the promo:

Sneak Peeks:

The sneak peeks I watched showcases how the creators and producers of the show have decided to take the 1930’s comic and puts a 21st century twist.  In a day and age where we’re seeing shows, like Stranger Things, set in the 1970’s or different time periods, it’s nice to see a modern-day take on a classic.

Although I’ve never read the comics, I remember watching a few episodes of The Archie Show.  This live action rendering seems to take the wholesome small town orientated show and showcase what it might be like living in a small town.  this is personally interesting to me, just because I grew up in a northern Minnesotan town.

This sneak peek is probably the most appealing to me because I think it’s a struggle a handful of children struggle with: pursuing what we want compared to what out parents want us to do.

Episode Review:

It’s clear that there will be a love triangle between Archie and Betty and Veronica.  It’s also clear that Archie is divided with the expectations of peers and his father.  Betty is feeling the pressure of the expectations of being a great student and Veronica is proving to being a great new friend, despite the fact the Veronica seems to spark a certain interest in Archie.


A promo poster for The CW’s new show Riverdale.

Archie is clearly torn between a sophomore guy, an only son, and trying to figure out what his love interests. Betty comes off as a pushover at times, but already seems like she’s to be finding her footing.  Veronica is trying to find her footing after her father went to jail, causing her and her mother to move to Riverdale.    When the episode started, Jughead came off as the narrator for the episode, since we find out that he’s writing a novel inspired by the events that happened over the summer.

One thing that is a bit of a disappointment is the cliché of Archie hooking up with a teacher over the summer.  The main reason why this is a bit of a disappointment is the that we’ve seen this specific story line in Dawson’s Creek and Gossip Girl.  The whole male student being ‘seduced’ by a female teacher seems to be over done.  Regardless, it should be an interesting story line due to the fact that Archie and the his fling with the high school teacher is being kept a secret not just because of their  age difference, but because they both heard a gun shot on the  day that a Riverdale resident died.

What’s to Come…I think

With the series starting out with the show’s namesake as a high school sophomore, I think it’s safe to say that the producers are expecting the show to last a couple of years.  There is clearly some great potential of drama that can happen down the road: romantic drama, lost friendships, parental drama, life after high school, and so on.

Granted, there’s also the drama of the a Riverdale resident having possibly being murder.