Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Overview

Since Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life aired on Netflix this past November, I’ve been thinking a fair amount about the series.  If you haven’t watched the series yet, continue reading at the risk of spoilers, cause I’ll be going there.

Rory’s Love Life

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of the revival series is Rory’s love life.  She’s dating some guy – Dan or Derek or something; I’m not trying to play coy with the joke of everyone forgetting his name – while sleeping with ex-boyfriend Logan.

Personally speaking, I would have liked a bit more of a backstory of how Rory and Logan ended up hooking up every time she was in London, which seems to be about every 15 to 20 minutes through the series.


While on the topic of Logan, I really want to know what he’s doing back in London.  After all, he left London to pursue an online startup that went south and ended up with a job offer in sunny California.  I really want to know how and why Logan is back in London.  Logan’s dad does make a cameo and things seem to be on better terms between Logan and his dad.

I’m chalking the lack of background to the limit of four 50 to 60 minute episodes.

Once a mistress, always a mistress?

But back to Rory’s love life, a part of me finds it hard to accept the fact that Rory would be willing to be the other woman, again.  We already saw this story line at the end of season four and the start of season five.  Apart from the fact that the story line has already been done, I also find it hard to believe that Rory would also cheat; or at least keep on cheating for as long as she did.

Rory + A Wookie = Rory’s First One Night Stand?

Rory, post wookie

While working on a spec piece for GQ magazine, Rory ends up having a one night stand.  One night stands happen.  Yet, I personally find it hard to believe that Rory would juggle a boyfriend – that she even admits that she keeps on forgetting about – an affair with a former boyfriend and throw in a guy in a Wookie custom.  Then again, maybe Rory has a secret fantasy that we didn’t know about.  Regardless, Rory does admit that it was a mistake.

Rory’s Career

At the end of the series, it was set up that Rory had a somewhat promising career as a journalist.  As we left the series, Rory took a job as an embed for the Obama campaign for an online magazine.  Besides referencing a well written piece that she had published in The New Yorker, no real outstanding pieces that she’s ever written where mentioned.  Does anyone else find this somewhat bazaar?

To be honest, I’m not up to date on what it’s like in the journalist market besides print media is slowly becoming a harder field to break into.  Yet, I would have imagine that Rory, having been the editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News, as well as getting a job offer right after college hasn’t found a job.  Instead, she’s working as a freelance journalist.

Granted, this could have something to do with maybe Rory being to focused on journalism as a career and not willingness to expand into other writing related fields prior to considering writing a book.

Emily’s New Job

We see towards the end of the revival that Emily has taken up a job – or a volunteer position – at a museum in Nantucket.  This seems very fitting for Emily since at a couple times throughout the original series, Emily complains about just being a housewife and how all she’s done with life was go to college – where she majored in history – got married and made a home.  Since Richard’s death, it made sense for Emily to look for something new to do with her life, since the life she was use to – DAR meetings, luncheons, and so on – lost meaning for her.

Emily kept a maid, finally

One thing that I was really shocked at is that Emily finally kept a maid.  The woman who has been sued before for firing someone kept a maid.  The woman who would have a new maid every episode kept a maid.  The woman who at one point who would have fired for not being able to understand her is shocking, but it a good way.  This showcases, I believe, that Emily has had some character development.  This is shown not only by the fact that Emily kept a maid throughout the run the revival, but she also hired the maid’s family members.

Miss Patty’s Weight Loss Isn’t Pointed Out

One thing that seemed odd was that Miss Patty’s weight loss wasn’t pointed out.  I feel like some kind of nod to it like, “Hey Miss Patty, that Zumba class you’re taking really worked” or “I’m glad to see you lost that last five pounds” or something.  Alas, that didn’t happen.

We meet Lane’s dad, kind of

During a new festival that focuses on foods of the world, we get about a five second cameo of Lane’s dad.  I think this is a somewhat of an insult to the Gilmore Girls fan base.  We know that Lane’s dad is still alive, but where was he during the original series?

Wait, there’s a secret bar?

Can my town have a secret bar?  I think it’s kind of cool that Stars Hallow has a secret bar.  Especially since Taylor seems to be the only that doesn’t know about it.  This goes to show how well does, or rather doesn’t, know about the town that he is essentially the mayor of.

Luke thinks that Lorelei wants him to sleep with those women?

One thing that happens in the revival is that Luke and Lorelei, mostly Lorelei, considers having someone carry their child.  This desire is brought out by something Emily says that gets underneath Lorelei’s skin.  While looking at potential women, at Paris’ fertility clinic, Luke thinks that Lorelei wants him to sleep with these women.  I personally find this way more funny then I feel that it should.  Mainly since Luke seems smart enough to know how a surrogate works.

Lorelei tries to go Wild

At the end of the third episode, Lorelei decides that she wants to do Wild; the book, not the movie.  This seems to be the culmination of having done therapy with her mom, the relationship she’s in with Luke and feeling like she’s stuck or something with it, her feelings in regards of her father’s death, and everything else.

Lorelai goes wild

The first 10 minutes of the fourth episode focuses on Lor trying to do wild.  And by try, I mean that she gets her pack packed and ready to go, but a couple of hurdles keep her from actually going on the trail.  Although these hurdles could easily be remedied, she ended up not going through.

This is probably a good thing since the only camping related thing I can see Lorelei doing is buying a camping outfit for kicks and giggles.  Regardless, she does have the revelation she was looking for.

I think the reason why Lorelei decided to do Wild is because everything that has been going on.  Like I said earlier, there was a lot going on with her life, but she is also at the midlife crisis point in her life.  By even just going to the hotel that she did, having a bonding moment or two with the other women that where going to be doing Wild, and having the chance to escape gave her the much needed space to just clear her mind.

One thing I didn’t realize before this part of the revival is that people go on trips like Wild or Eat, Pray, Love for the spiritual aspects of the trips for reasons similar to why both Lorelei did an and why the authors of these books did.

Rory writes a book

Throughout the revival, a reoccurring element is Rory writing a book.  Originally, she was going to collaborate on a memoir for someone, which ends up being a flop.  Yet, Jess comes back into town to visit Luke and his mom – did I mention that Liz joined a cult by accident? – and suggested the idea of Rory doing a memoir on her and her mother’s life.

Looking back at the series, this actually works well with the Gilmore Girls canon very well I think.  It would explain the tone of the series to a degree.  It would explain some of the limited backgrounds we got of some of the minor characters.

Paris…in general

We see that Paris, true to her type A personality and drive to succeed at everything she does, ended up get both a MD and JD.  With using her background in both medicine and the judicial system, she is helping people conceive children and to use suragents.  Of course, her standards for suragents is pretty high; but she is the best in the industry.  Shocking, right?

What’s the most shocking about Paris’ career route is that I would have expected her to become a surgeon or something and ultimately the chief of surgery or something.  Although Paris does

Granted, she and Doyle are separated or divorced or whatever Doyle and her are.  For some reason, it isn’t shocking that the two of them have kids and have a rocky relationship.

The Final Four Words

There are so many questions that are opened with those four words.  The first, of course, is if we’ll get another season to find out Lorelei’s reaction. Then there are things like who is the dad, how will Emily react, will Rory follow the path her mother did or will she marry the father, and so on.

This ending was the planned one for the original series and personally, I am happy that it wasn’t.  I think that a 22 year-old pregnant Rory wouldn’t have been the ending that most of the audience would have wanted.  Plus, having this happen when Rory is in her 30s makes it seem less like her following the same footsteps of her mother, in a way.

If Rory does keep the child, she does have options available to her.  The headmaster of her high school essentially promised her a job if she got a masters.  Although going for a masters wouldn’t be easy, I think that Rory is a good enough position to get her masters.

Also, I think that this will give Rory the chance to work and finish her book.  Granted, it will be interesting to see what happens if a second season does happen.

Netflix’s Release Date for 13 Reasons Why

Back in the summer of 2010, I was first introduced to the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher in a Lit for Young Adults class.  Since then. I’ve read the book a couple of times and even purchased it as an audible book.  When it was announced this past summer that Netflix had purchased the rights to create the adaptation of the book, I became excited.   After all, that is the hope of everyone’s favorite book: that some day, you’ll get to watch it come to life on-screen.

Selena Gomez, who is serving as a producer, posted a teaser of the 13 episode series on Instagram:

A peek at a passion project I've been working on with @Netflix. @13ReasonsWhy arrives 3/31.

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The teaser answered a much awaited question: When will the series premier?

Format of the series prediction

Netflix, thankfully, had decided to turn this Young Adult Novel into a 13 episode series.  I’m personally betting what will happen is that each episode will revolve around each of the reasons why Hannah Baker, the leading female protagonist, decided to kill herself.

New Netflix series 'Thirteen Reasons Why' launches MarchCredit: Netflix

New Netflix series ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ launches March Credit: Netflix

The male protagonist, Clay Jensen, will serve as the ‘present day’ storyteller leading us through the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide while Hannah will serve as the storyteller in the flashback portions of the series.

For those of you who need a quick refresher, Hannah sends out her ‘suicide note’ in the form of seven cassette tapes to each of the people she connects to why she commits suicide.  When we enter the book, Clay is sending the tapes to the next person on the list and then we see a flashback to when he got home the prior day and found the cassette tapes and then spends the night listening to them.

The Cast

The cast consists mostly of young up-and-coming actors:

In regards of cast credentials of the younger actors, I personally think Minnette might be an actor that a younger audience will be the most familiar with due to the fact that in 2015, he stared in the Goosebumps movie.

I think it’s daring, in a great way, that the show cast Langford as Hannah since she only has one other IMDB credit.


We’re getting Gilmored Again

Possibly one of the greatest things is happening this November: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LIfe.  It’s been, like, nine and a half years since the original series ended.  The reboot then is a treat best served after Friday night dinner at the Gilmore’s.

For those of you who are fans of the series, here’s a 2 minute featurette just for you:

Now that we’ve relived a few of our favorite moments, and got to hear what some of the actors of the show think, here’s what we know about the series on Netflix.

There will four 90 minute episodes.  Each episode will take place during one of the seasons and in this order: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Thankfully, if there is an Easter Egg hunt this year planned by Kirk, we know he has learned his lesson:

You asked. He answered. Kind of. Dear Kirk Volume #1 is now available at

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We know from IMDB’s page for the show, that pretty much all of our favorite characters are back, including all three of Rory’s love interests.  Yet, the following Instagram has people wondering if Lorelai is pregnant or if Rory is pregnant.

Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over 'till the pizza comes. And one apple.

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Personally, I’m hoping that we’ll have some more Babette and Miss Patty scenes like this: After all, these two ladies do have a way of entertaining us.

Granted, we’ll only have four episodes of Friday night dinners:

After all, we all know Friday night’s alright for fighting.  Granted, with Edward Hermann’s death being written into the show for his character Richard, I’m sure that’ll be brought up during a Friday night dinner.

Granted, I’m sure like the original series, there’ll be some PG-13 moments:

And with Amy Sherman-Palladion – the wonderful woman responsible for the series – writing these four episodes will, they will be some of the most amazing things out there.