Power Rangers in Space

It’s Morphin’ Time for the Big Screen

Like some 90’s Kids, finding out about the new Power Rangers movie was an epic deal.  After all, the Power Rangers series was a huge part of my childhood.  I remember looking forward to watching episodes after school, on Saturday mornings, or when ever I could.

Of course, the reboot or the revival or what ever you want to call the reason why Hollywood decided to make a new film adaption, does showcase that we’re going through a period of ‘recycling’ old shows and movies for new movies.  This, by no means, is anything new.

Regardless, I finally got the chance to see the movie on April 2nd.  One of the first things I noticed was that the audience had a mixture of teenagers and adults in the audience.  This is something I also noticed both times I saw the live action of Beauty and the Beast.  This showcases why some of the 90’s movies and tv shows are being re-purposed: people who enjoyed these movies and shows are now bringing a younger audience with them.

The movie design of the Power Rangers as covered by Entertainment Weekly.

The movie design of the Power Rangers as covered by Entertainment Weekly.

This adaption of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is actually written and set for the audience that I now think the series should have always been set for: teenagers.  Nothing against having the original series geared towards children, but I think that the more mature, and darker, themes work better for the movie.

We get to see that each of the five rangers aren’t perfect.  Instead, they are more of the ‘teenagers with attitude’ that one would expect.  Also, the movie does showcase an LGBT character as well as a character that falls onto the autism spectrum.  What’s great about the former is that the producers and writers decided not to make that a major part of the movie and with the former, it was nice having a character explain a bit about what autism is for people who aren’t introduced to autism.

What also works about the series is that it’s also set up as an origins story.  We’re introduced to why Zordon and Rita where near Earth.  It also explains a bit more about how Rita had the green power coin, why dinosaurs were chosen for the megazords, and so on.

In regards of character development, I think this movie does a great job at it.  We see that Zordon is reluctant to take on the rule of mentor to the rangers.  Instead, he initially wants to use to them so he can get out of the morphing grid.  We do see that change, though.

The character development with the power rangers does take form in how they morph.  In order to morph, the Rangers essentially have to have a certain openness with each other.  I think this works better then the rangers just saying that its morphing time.

Also, what’s nice is that we see them have actual ‘powers’ in the sense that their strength and speed are enhanced.  Although there are people out there who I am sure aren’t thrilled by this fact, it actually makes sense that as ‘Power Rangers,’ they would have increased powers or strengths.

Personally, one of my favorite scenes in the movie is the training montage that they do to  Fitz & The Tantrums’ song “Handclap.”  What works well about the training montage is that we see Alpha 5 serving a purpose besides being almost a secondary Yoda like character.  Instead, this incarnation of Alpha 5 actually has some fighting skills that he teaches the rangers.  This also showcases something that annoyed me a bit about the TV series: what are the odds of the teenagers that were picked had karate and fighting ability prior to becoming Power Rangers.

In regards of potential sequels, there is definitely a lot of source materials.  It’s common knowledge that the series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers through Power Rangers in Space where all intended to be the whole run of the Power Rangers franchise.  This does allow a fair amount of freedom to do several movies within the rebooted franchise; and the groundwork is already there.

One of the reasons why Zordon came to Earth was to protect the Zeo Crystal.  Personally speaking, I am hoping that the movies get to the point where we see the shift from Zeo to Turbo.  This is due to the fact that it’s never explained in the series what happened to the Zeo powers.  I am guessing in order to get to Turbo though, there has to be at least three more movies.  Two in the Mighty Morphin’ era of power rangers and one in the Zeo era.  But, that depends on what happens with the movie series and how the production staff handles the movies.

Although I would love to see weekly episodes like the kids series, I think that wouldn’t work as well.  With TV series, you do get more character development and at a more steady rate, but at the cost of better scenes for what a movie can do.

Over all, I would say that the movie is one of the more interesting ones I’ve seen in a while.

The movie design of the Power Rangers as covered by Entertainment Weekly.

Power Rangers Movie Reboot

One of the movies I’m personally looking forward to coming out in 2017 is the reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  The reboot, Power Rangers, isn’t going to resemble the 1993-96 TV series nor the 1995 movie.

For those of you who haven’t watched the trailer, check it out:

Some of the things we know, so far, as curated by Screen Rant is as follows

These Rangers aren’t the first
The movie design of the Power Rangers as covered by Entertainment Weekly.

The movie design of the Power Rangers as covered by Entertainment Weekly.

In the trailer for the movie, it is inferred that Rita Repulsa has killed at least one ranger prior to the movie.

A darker, more serious yet fun film

Some are comparing the remake as a bit darker version of the original movie and TV series.  Between the costumes -Rita Repulsa’s is creepier, right? – and the more thriller movie based music, it doesn’t look like the same old Power Rangers  I grew up with.

I’m fine with this, cause it seems like the script has brought in elements of The Breakfast Club in the movie.

Stand alone from canon

For anyone who has seen the series knows that the show followed one story arc from the first season through Power Rangers in Space.  After the final episode of Power Rangers in Space aired, each of the following season/series followed it’s own.

In this case, the movie is acting as a complete reboot.  Which will give the studio that owns the film enough room for possible sequels, which are planned.

Jason & Kimberly Love story…at at least a kiss

As we saw in the teaser trailer, Jason and Kimberly share a kiss.  Considering this is a reboot, and there’s no Tommy in the picture, there is no surprise that there is some room for the writers to have fun with the story line, right?